Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Extreme Makeover- Me Edition

I've been trying to get in shape lately, but it hasn't been going very well. For some reason between Boo REFUSING to stay in the day care at the gym I joined and me watching The Biggest Loser while eating more peanut butter cookies than there are contestants I mysteriously haven't lost much weight. My weight has always been hard to track as it can vary as much as 5-6 pounds just by weighing at different times of the day. I obviously never been 'together' enough to weigh at the same time every day. I joined a group of ladies that are all doing this same Extreme Makeover lead by Amber Filkins. Each week she posts a question for me to bore everyone with my answer to.

This week's question:
How are you keeping track of your achievements? How do you reward yourself when you achieve a goal?

This question gets me right from the start, as it insinuates that I should have some kind of achievements and have met a goal. Silly Amber! I have neither. I am happy with my weight, but I need some serious toning. Maybe once I achieve that my reward will be the fact that my mommy belly won't jiggle when I brush my teeth. On the upside I have mastered an angle in my bathroom mirror that makes my tummy look like defined abs! If only I could just stand there forever... since eventually I'll have to leave my bathroom I've purchased the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD. I am also planning on literally dusting off my Turbo Jam collection that I just HAD to have, so I guess I'll get the kids excited and we'll get shredded and jammed. I can't decide if that sounds dirty or painful...

8 Thoughts From Others:

Sugarplum Creations Blog said...

Yay, for getting the kids involved . . . they have SO much energy!!! :) Can't wait to follow along on your journey :)


Xazmin said...

I know you can do it! Weigh yourself at 11 a.m. - that's when I weigh the least! Believe me...I've tracked it. Is there something wrong with that?

Go shredding and turbo-jam! Sounds like fun! I'm too boring, I just turn the T.V. on and hop on my treadmill!


Amber Filkins said...

You seriously just crack me up. The comment about the stomach jiggling while you brush your teeth?? Um ya, that's me!! Unfortunately, it doesn't matter HOW skinny I get. When I was really skinny a couple years ago, it was much better, but it was still there. Darn kids!! :)

Jen @ said...

You are funny! I am in the same boat. I have a few pounds I could lose, but mostly need to tone things up! I definitely have that mommy tummy thing happening!

I have been doing the 30 day shred and it's hard. Sometimes I do level 1 and level 2 together to increase my cardio time. Let me know what you think of it!


Tanielle said...

You are so funny! Love the belly jiggle while brushing comment...what's up with that anyway! You are doing awesome! Can't wait til I get to the point where I just need to tone!

HAve a great day!

onegirliegirl said...

How only have a belly jiggle. I get the butt, belly, upper arm combo. But I think that counts for burning extra calories while brushing teeth ;)

Have a great week!! Good luck with the shredding...I hear it's killer.

Connie said...

Getting toned is a great idea because as we get old our bones will become brittle. Not that your old....just sayin'.

You can do this!

Staci said...

I did that dvd! It is great! I need to pull it out again!
I have that mommy belly jiggle too! I HATE it!

you can do it!

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