Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bread Gone Wrong

As lazy as I am, for some reason, I've always wanted to make my own bread. I think it's because my awesome friend makes her own bread... from scratch... every single day... with home ground wheat. Yeah. And she thinks I'M awesome. I don't know what's up with that either. Moving on...

I've always wanted to make my own bread, but I suck at baking. When my Grandma's bread machine was up for grabs I thought it would be the perfect way for me to "make" my own bread without being too responsible. Too bad the cloud of suckiness (not sure if that's a word or incorrectly spelled) that hangs over me decided that it wasn't my day to bake perfect bread.

First off, the breadmaker was clunking and grinding SO loudly that Mr. Wright asked that I move it into the bathroom. I didn't, but it was THAT loud. Apparently there were still some baked chunks from the last time where there shouldn't have been, and it results in a noise similar to those that I would imagine a dying cat would make.

After 4 long hours of waiting (actually, I forgot about it after the clunking phase was over... shhh!) I had my first EVER loaf of freshly baked bread. Kinda. It didn't rise very much, and was a *cough, cough* bit crispy, but I love her anyway. Her appearance may scare some, but everyone remembers their first loaf of bread... or not. Actually I'll keep trying until I get a perfect loaf, then remember THAT one as my first loaf of bread.

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chefann said...

Ok- you have GOT to check out the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day book! It's super easy, and no machine required. I posted the basic recipe in a note on FB several months ago.

If your bread didn't rise much, your yeast is probably to blame. There are several things that could have gone wrong: 1) it was expired (keep it in the freezer); 2) it was killed from too much salt in the dough before it could do it's thing; 3) the water was too warm and cooked the yeast (a few degrees can make a huge difference - check it with a thermometer); or 4) you used unfiltered tap water, and the chlorine in the water killed the yeast.

Good luck with your next batch!

Pepple Family said...

I have terrible luck with bread! You really have to work with it and have a knack for doing it. Yeast can be so temperamental! Ditto the previous bread recipe recommendation. Several of my friends have used it. Regardless I think your first loaf is a beauty! Ya know in the stray dog so ugly its cute kind of way :)

Anonymous said...

I remember both of my Grandma's making wonderful bread (seemingly daily) and wish so much to have that knack. The last time I was home Grandma showed me again, but she's been baking bread so long, she doesn't even use a recipe or measuring cup.

I've tried and tried - with rock solid results - even with my (now sold in a garage sale) breadmaker.

I always end up with better results if I make buns instead.

Brandi @ Frugal Farmhouse said...

Aww she's beautiful! We all have that kind of bread.. it happens. I just noted the best bread machine bread recipe on friday. It's so easy even I can't screw it up, you. should try it :)

kanishk said...
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