Friday, April 16, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

It's Friday again... time for some dirty little secrets! If you have dirty little secrets of your own PLEASE share them in the comments. I'm sure you're not even the only one who feels that way!

Sometimes I think about flipping my kids's doorknob inside out so that I can lock them in. I'm not a huge fan of jail time though, so I never do it.

I ate 2 full size kit kats for breakfast on Wednesday, and 4 peppermint patties for breakfast yesterday.

I take hundreds of pictures of other people's kids, but NONE of my own.

I haven't printed pictures, even snapshots, in over a year.

I LOVE my house clean and decluttered, but I hate putting in the constant work.

When Mr. Wright forces me to watch 25 hours of The Pacific it makes me fantasize about forcing him to watch 25 hours of Tori and Dean.

I've forgotten to let my kids pick out their prizes from the "Mommy Shop" two weeks in a row.

I know that if I exercised I could lose my muffin top, but I'm just way too lazy to even try.

My kids haven't had a bath in almost a week.

I wore a shirt one day this week, then slept in it, then wore it again the next day.

What's your dirty little secret!? I promise I won't tell!

5 Thoughts From Others:

McKenna said...

I second the no bath thing... except it is showers in our house.....

I've lost 6 pounds in the last month and so far I've gained 1 back because of eating crap at night....

It is a fine line between keeping the house clean and exercising like I should..... Instead of doing either, I sit on my computer....

Feel any better??

Shelly said...

I've so done the wore the shirt then slept in it and wore it again thing too many times to count. I've probably even worn one longer than that.

What is the "Mommy Shop"?

I had a cookie for breakfast and ice cream for desert after lunch...and if DH wants a snack tonight I'm sure I'll have one then too. (This doesn't help lose the last 3 lbs. of pregnancy weight)

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the shirt thing right now.

We've had company for two days - which means even less hours of opportunity for the shower/bath. I'm guessing little kid & I are both ripe by now.

I promised close family members a printed book of annual photos from our family (I did one for the two years prior) but haven't even began - maybe for mother's day??

I never eat anything decent. This morning I had those little foil covered chocolate eggs and coffee, coffee, coffee. I live on chocolate and coffee.

I know there are a thousand more but always go blank when I sit down on Fridays - I'm going to have to start writing them down!

Jerri said...

I've eaten brownies for lunch 3 times this week and made the kids healthy stuff. Today, I ate a 3musketeers king sized bar as dessert after the brownie. We have a rule in our house: Chocolate is not for children.
Sharing that with you makes me feel better somehow.
I have little interest in cleaning, I only do it so I don't lose the children in the mess. I'd rather be sewing.

- B said...

I stumbled on your blog from another blog - Moms In Need of Mercy I believe - and I'm so glad I did! I love what I've read so far and look forward to visiting again. :-)

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