Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Update

This week sucked... hate to admit it. I'm still really excited to try my new system, but it didn't quite work for me this week. I think it would work better for me if my house was already clean, and I used the system for maintenance. Since my house is currently a nasty pit doing one or two things in a room really didn't make any difference. The rooms that were clean (the bathroom and kids' room) did stay clean with a daily pickup, so at least I made some progress this week!

Every morning I wake up telling myself that "today is the day" that I going to bust my butt and make huge progress. Mr. Wright will be so happy when he gets home, and we can spend the evening singing Kumbaya (too lazy to google the spelling) and cleaning up after ourselves. Buuuuuut, that never happens. I do one or two chores, get distracted or tired and vow to do better tomorrow.

I REALLY need today to be somewhat productive. We don't have any clean dishes, I've had to match Mr. Wright some socks out of the sock orphanage two mornings in a row, and Little Man STILL doesn't have any pajamas. To fully motivate myself I'm going to post this super scary kitchen photo so I can force myself to post a super shiny Marta kitchen later today. Or I can look like an ass and post a less dirty photo. Or I can forget and not post any at all. But I'll try for the first one!

Yikes... maybe I should just move instead!

4 Thoughts From Others:

♥Amber Filkins♥ said... woman!!! Get yourself together!! I am going to be your drill sargeant {caring friend}. Get that kitchen cleaned up STAT or I'm gonna fly over there and kick your butt! {help you} :)

Step one: Throw away all that trash!

Step two: Put things away where they belong.

Step three: Youtube "Whistle While you Work" and get the kids to help you clean. See how much they can get done before the song is over. {But minimize the screen so they don't watch it} :)

Step four: Sit back and soak in the progress!!

Step five: Come back with an in-progress Martha picture to show off your progress.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry girlfriend - I've been there, many many times. Heck, I'm half way there right now.

Just one piece at a time. Slow and steady. Channel your inner tortoise and you can do it.

By the way - can I just say I love love your kitchen and would kill to have your counter space.

Stupid galley kitchens suck!

Good luck - you can do it. I know you can!

Pepple Family said...

Woohoo for the floors being spotless!! :) I mean seriously when my kitchen is that trashed my floors usually are too. Dirty clothes, trash that didn't make it into the can, sippy cups, baby blankets, etc. So at least feel good about that, k? My kitchen was that bad this morning too, and while it does look better its only because I have been avoid my mountain of laundry to make it look that nice.

Gigi said...

I am so with you. Every day I set out to deep clean my entire house and every day I am lucky if I wipe a mirror with Windex. But you know what? The few times in the last 2 years I have spent cleaning my entire house all day long have been totally rewarding. For about 15 minutes, when Kid #2 usually spills juice or Kid #1 tracks mud in from God knows where.'s not worth it anyway.

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