Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I've Done Thursday!

There are a million things that I wanted to get done and didn't. There are a million things that I should have done and didn't. But today I want to share what I DID get done:

I spent 2 hours working on the playroom and I'm starting to see a glimpse of light in there.

The kids and I sorted their dress up, baby clothes and puzzles and made a big pile to give away.

I've been fighting the good fight against a cluttered, messy kitchen. It isn't as perfect as it was on Saturday but it's WAY better than it normally is six days after I clean it!

I've gotten multiple paperwork things done this week that I've been putting off for MONTHS and it feels SO great to not have them hanging over my head!

What have you gotten done!? Leave a comment so we can all be impressed!

5 Thoughts From Others:

McKenna said...

HMMM, things that I've done.....

I organized 3 drawers in the kitchen..

I've worked a little on my cousin's quilt for her wedding...

I've thought about re-posting things on Craigslist....

I've thought about more toys I could get rid of......

So basically I've thought of a lot but haven't really done much... Shh, don't tell Danny.

Anonymous said...

well, I walked the kids to and from school. It's 2 miles worth the exercise.

I've done the dishes

I vacuumed the living room, dining room and hall

I think that's all I've managed to get accomplished so far today

Anonymous said...

I made a date for a margarita lunch with my cousin!

Shell said...

I wish I had thought I made a date to have margaritas with someone.

I managed to get my house clean enough for company - a day before they arrived (that's Huge).

I finally called Samsung about our computer monitor (long story) and was relieved to find out things would work out (why didn't I just do it sooner?)

I baked two loaves of banana bread and 24 morning glory muffins.

I thought it was great you celebrated your success!

kanishk said...
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