Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm A Dork, And Other New Developments

Sooooo, I've been trying really hard the last couple days to get my goals reached, and using my blog as motivation to actually finish something. I have to admit that I was a little disappointed when no one commented on my last two posts, but I understood that after not blogging for a month I couldn't expect floods of comments on day 1. Day 2 came and went without a single comment. I was getting lots of traffic, but no comments. I don't blog just for the comments, but it really helps when I don't feel like I'm talking to myself.

Aaaaaaand then I realized that I'm a dork. I had gotten comments on both of those posts, but apparently Blogger is still pissed that I broke up with it for a month and never e-mailed me about them. So I thought I was all alone on my messy island when really I have some lovely ladies rallying around me. Thank you Bethany, LaVonne, Shell & Erin for being a little light in my day, and to all my readers who stop by whether I'm up or down! :)

On to the progress report for today... I've stayed on track with my counters and dishes, and even put out a nice bowl of apples since people get all judgy when you fill your fruit bowl with chips. I got the kids clothes washed and dried, and they're waiting to be folded while I catch up on some trashy tv after the kids go to bed. The bookshelf remains untouched, but I'm trying to stay positive and realize that it will still be there tomorrow and isn't worth stressing over. I hate not reaching my goals, but progress is progress, so anything done is better than nothing!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

I took a day and some off from the computer and came back to find you blogging again - yippee! I always look forward to your posts.

Don't worry about the bookshelf. It isn't going anywhere. Besides, it's been in the state it's in for ??, let's just say a while - what difference will one more day make? You'll get there.

Kudos for crawling back up on that horse.

PS - I know what you mean about comments and "talking" to yourself...I find it amazing when a post can have over 500 views and only one or two comments left. Very interesting to me.

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