Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lazy Mopping

I'm the laziest of moppers since I have a Shark Mop now.  I leave it full of water (and sneak cleaner in there too so my floors don't smell like burnt toast!) so all I have to do is plug it in and mop away.  I used to have a better system when I mopped the old school way and now my trash can stinks.  How are those related!?  I'll tell you...

I can't take credit for this since I remember reading it in a magazine, but when I mopped with a mop and bucket I would get SO frustrated that I couldn't fit my rectangular mop head in the round bucket.  Sometimes I would just fill up my kitchen sink with mop water like my mom always did, but that requires that your sink isn't full of dishes like mine ALWAYS is.  So this solution BLEW MY MIND! 


This lady, whoever she is, would bag up her trash and then fill the trash can with hot water and soap!  She would use it as a mop bucket while simultaneously soaking and deodorizing her trash can.  GENIUS!

Like I said, I don't do it this way anymore, and now my trash can is paying the price.  You wouldn't BELIEVE the amount of nasties that get behind and under the bag!  Disgusting.

So, to recap:
1. Bag up trash and leave it for your husband.
2. Dump out any crumbs over balcony and try not to drop the garbage can 10 feet to the ground.
3. Use the crappiest clogged spray hose ever to fill the garbage can (about 1/4 full) with hot water at snail speed since the sink is full of dishes... again.
4. Add soap and realize that your kids inherited your unnatural love for the smell of Pine-Sol.
5. Blog about how awesome you are for stealing someone else's idea.
6. Dip a rag into the water and wipe down the inside, outside and lid.
7. Mop to your heart's content!
8. Dump out the water into a drain or outside.  If you're really thrifty you could dump a little in each of your toilets and have Pine-Sol fresh toilets too!  Uhhhh, mine's going outside though! :)
9. Enjoy your freshly mopped floors and your clean & deodorized garbage can!

And that's why using your garbage can as a mop bucket... uh.... used to Work For Me!!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

One of those duh, why didn't I think of that ideas. Thanks for sharing!

Eos Mom said...

Great idea, my trash can could use a good "mopping!"

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