Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Day In The Wrong

My kids didn't pick up the million crayons they got out.
And they were all over the floor under the table.
So I made them clean up.
And they were "too cold".
So they wrapped themselves in big blankets.
And Little Man was more interested in flinging his blanket around than picking up.
And he knocked a full cup of sticky juice onto the floor.
So I went to get my Shark mop.
And I remembered that it wasn't working and needed to be cleaned.
So I started my computer to find the cleaning tutorial I bookmarked.
But I didn't have internet because the wind was gusting to 80 miles per hour and it knocked my power out for 10 second outages.
So I reset my modem and router.
And I attempted to get online again.
But my computer suddenly wouldn't turn on.
So I did the dishes and waited for it to turn on.
And it didn't.
So I took the battery out and tried again.
And it started.
Then it crashed and flashed me the blue screen of death.
So I panicked and slammed it shut.
And tried again.
Then it started.
So I went to open Firefox and it wouldn't open.
Then I Googled using Internet Explorer.
And system restore seemed like the best option.
So I was thinking I was going to lose all our recent family photos.
So I burned them onto a disc.
And then restored.
But I didn't lose them.
But Firefox still wouldn't work.
And I couldn't find the mop tutorial anywhere else.
And I still had a sticky floor and a broken mop.
And I didn't want to uninstall Firefox and lose all my bookmarks including the freaking mop one.
So I cleaned the floor by hand.
And threw away the sticky crayons.
And washed the wet blankets.
Then the power went out again.
And that made the smoke detector beep at 2am.
And it scared my kids.
And they were crying.
So I stood on a chair.
And I couldn't get the wires out.
So I had to wake up Mr.Wright.
Then we changed the batteries.
And I was grumpy and slept like crap.
So I got up and tried to get on my computer.
But it still wouldn't work.
So I took the plunge.
And I uninstalled.
Then I reinstalled.
And I didn't lose a single bookmark.
So I backed them up just in case.
And I fixed my mop.
And next time, I'll just pick up the freaking crayons myself.

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