Friday, January 29, 2010

Friend Making Monday!

Alright... FMM. Amber wants the lowdown on Valentine's Day. I actually had the BEST Valentine's Day ever! I really, really, really wanted a new cell phone since I never text (I had a tiny number pad) or have a charged phone because my old one dies every 5 hours. Mr. Wright surprised me with a brand new AWESOME phone with a QWERTY keyboard.

Yeah, baby! This picture doesn't show the full keyboard that slides out of the bottom but it was the quickest image to 'borrow'. This was a great enough gift but then Mr. Wright came home from work with this:

And then I felt like an ass for yesterday's post even though he never even read it. Oh yeah, AND he brought me Burger King because he is that awesome. I finally got to give him the complete series of The King of Queens that I've hidden since Christmas and he pretended to be overwhelmed with excitement :P

We spent the evening catching up on The Amazing Race while I ate my weight in Reese's hearts. And it rocked. I hope everyone had as wonderful of a day as I did! ♥

To see how others answered this week's FMM question head on over to Amber's blog {AE Filkins}.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Friend Making Monday!

It's been for.ever since I was part of a Friend Making Monday but I'm lazy so fill in the blank questions are right up my alley! Stop by Amber's blog to link up with everyone else's answers!

Outside my window...
it's cold and horrible and wintery. And windy. Come on Spring!

I am thinking.... about starting my photography business.

I am thankful... for my family's health and happiness.

I am praying... for others' health and happiness.

I am reading... Not Buyin' It! My Year Without Shopping

I am creating... A new spot in the living room to organize toys.

From the kitchen... there's a smell in the air?

Around the house... there's lots of stuff on the floor.

One of my favorite things... is watching dvd's in bed with my electric blanket.

A few plans for the rest of the week... celebrate my 25th birthday, file my taxes and prepare my hubby's Valentine's present!

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorite Things

Does anyone remember way back in the dark ages when I did "My Favorite Things" on Sundays? It was how I justified reading blogs for an hour every day... oh, except I still do that for no reason. Anyway, I stopped doing it when I started Handmade Holidays because I was running out of links but I'm ready to bring it back. Of course it's still me though, so in typical Mrs. Wright fashion I'm sure I won't post every Sunday (especially since it's already Monday), but hey, I'm kinda trying.

I've been dreaming about adding shelving like this closet redo at It's The Little Things That Make A House A Home. That 'after' makes my (selective) OCD feel so nice.

And a much less glamorous project, but still useful- a reusable swiffer pad from old towels! I'm planning on making two and using one wet and one dry.

I'm slightly obsessed with felt and have an entire cabinet plus a huge pile on top stuffed with felt so I'm really excited to try these felt monster softies for my own little monsters!

And while I'm checking out my felt idea folder I'll share the felt dolls and clothes that I'll never make.

Oh, and the felt vase I'll never make.

I'm going to use some of my dusty scrapbooking stash to make this paperclip matching activity to keep in my purse for those sanity busting moments.

And since I don't like leaving my house or being outside in the cold this indoor ice skating in your living room looks perfect for my kids and me!

Someday I'll follow this tutorial that shows you how to make adorable counting bean bags that my kids would probably throw at each other seeing who can make their sibling cry first.

Need more links? Check out all the past versions of "My Favorite Things" by clicking HERE!

I'll save some for next time since my list of things I'll never get around to making is getting kind of long ;) Back to the dishes and laundry... in a few minutes... I think.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dirty Little Secret- Slacker Saturday

It's been a while since I 'confessed' or even blogged at all. For a while I was doing great so I was quiet on the blog front. We had clean clothes, clean dishes, healthy planned meals and I had plenty of free time... and then ONE day I didn't feel like jumping from chore to chore. And now I'm too overwhelmed. I'm trying to take baby steps, but with three tornados wild kids trashing the house three times faster than I can clean it I hardly make progress. Today I'm just going to do my best to get as much done as I can. Hopefully my motivation kicks in here soon :P

You can always share your own confessions in the comments! You know, so I don't feel SO horrible!

I wore Hannah Montana perfume the other day because I thought it smelled nice.

I spent $18 on a PUR water pitcher so I could be healthier... then I spent $18 at Arby's.

Mr. Wright bought me an electric blanket and I put it in my bed so I could 'pre-heat' it at night.

I've hardly done laundry in a week. I had to wear underwear from my honeymoon yesterday...

My kids are wearing skirts and shorts... in January... In Alaska. I really need to do laundry.

I went to the library and paid my late fees, got some new books and a video for the kids, then had new late fees 10 days later.

I lost my expensive winter jacket at Sweetie Pie's school just days after lecturing her about responsibility.

I've been watching teeny-bopper movies in my warm bed after the kids go to bed instead of hanging out with my husband.

I finally started organizing the playroom that I've been meaning to get to since before Christmas. Of course I haven't finished yet though.

I record PBS shows in the middle of the night so that my kids won't watch Spongebob and other annoying mindless shows that are on in the mornings (in our timezone) along with their 10 minutes of advertisements per 20 minutes of show.

I'm blogging so I don't have to start the laundry.

I'm just as excited for summer vacation as my kindergartner is. I HATE leaving my house every day.

My kids ate their breakfast cereal with forks. Plastic forks. I guess I'll get to the dishes right after the laundry.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why You Should Clean Out Your Bathroom Drawers Today

Today is the day. The day that you should clean out that drawer in your bathroom with all the "stuff" in it. I'm sure organized people with non-retarded builders have multiple drawers for all sorts of little things and keep them somewhat separated and purged. Not me. I have two big-momma drawers. One keeps curlers, curling irons, hair clippers and the hair dryer. The other keeps everything else you could possibly need in a bathroom.

I'm not going to pretend that it was every organized, but even if it had been it wouldn't have stayed that way long since it's at the perfect height for my 2,4, & 6 year olds to dig for treasures. When I need to find anything I just move stuff around until I finally spot the tiny nail clippers or earring back that I was looking for... 5 minutes later of course. The drawer was messy but it never really bothered me enough to do something about it. Until this morning.

So why should you go clean out your bathroom drawer NOW?
Because maybe you forgot to brush your daughter's hair before bed.
So maybe her hair has now has rodents living in the giant knot.
And maybe it really needs to be brushed.
And because maybe you'll be running late for school because maybe it's a day when school starts 90 minutes early.
And maybe you'll shove your hand into the drawer to feel around for a brush and not look because your two year old happens to be putting things in the toilet and your four year old is recreating the Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mom? scene from Family Guy.
And then maybe your hand will be instantly coated with mystery slime along with EVERY tiny earring, hair clip, elastic and comb that was in the giant drawer of crap.
And maybe since the drawer was so messy before you didn't notice that someone put an entire bottle of ass strawberry scented Princess body wash in the drawer.
All night.
And maybe your daughter got to school 10 minutes late.
With un-brushed hair.
And no hair clips or ties.
And then you got to spend over an hour wiping down every.single.thing that was in that drawer.
Because you never cleaned it out.

So that's why you should clean out your bathroom drawer today. Like NOW. Before this maybe happens to you.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Knock On Wood

I don't want to get to excited, since it is, after all, only January 2nd, but I think that my New Year's Resolution to make THIS year the one that I get my life under control is going really well. And do you think I could have used any more commas in that sentence? My dishes are done, my counters are spotless and sanitized, and my laundry is caught up. I don't know what to do with myself...

In fact, I went one step further and accidentally disconnected our internet while crazy vacuuming... and Mr. Wright happened to be on some kind of 'kill streak' while playing Call Of Duty online when it happened. Oops! I think he was enjoying the clean house until 'the incident' but now he's just pissed.

I am dreading life getting back to normal on Monday though since it's way easier to keep a clean house when I'm here all day to maintain it. The real test will come when I have to add taking Sweetie Pie to school, keeping the school papers under control, working, volunteering, plus all the crap I barely have a handle on right now. So please, knock on wood for me... and my jammies.

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