Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dirty Little Secret- Slacker Saturday

It's been a while since I 'confessed' or even blogged at all. For a while I was doing great so I was quiet on the blog front. We had clean clothes, clean dishes, healthy planned meals and I had plenty of free time... and then ONE day I didn't feel like jumping from chore to chore. And now I'm too overwhelmed. I'm trying to take baby steps, but with three tornados wild kids trashing the house three times faster than I can clean it I hardly make progress. Today I'm just going to do my best to get as much done as I can. Hopefully my motivation kicks in here soon :P

You can always share your own confessions in the comments! You know, so I don't feel SO horrible!

I wore Hannah Montana perfume the other day because I thought it smelled nice.

I spent $18 on a PUR water pitcher so I could be healthier... then I spent $18 at Arby's.

Mr. Wright bought me an electric blanket and I put it in my bed so I could 'pre-heat' it at night.

I've hardly done laundry in a week. I had to wear underwear from my honeymoon yesterday...

My kids are wearing skirts and shorts... in January... In Alaska. I really need to do laundry.

I went to the library and paid my late fees, got some new books and a video for the kids, then had new late fees 10 days later.

I lost my expensive winter jacket at Sweetie Pie's school just days after lecturing her about responsibility.

I've been watching teeny-bopper movies in my warm bed after the kids go to bed instead of hanging out with my husband.

I finally started organizing the playroom that I've been meaning to get to since before Christmas. Of course I haven't finished yet though.

I record PBS shows in the middle of the night so that my kids won't watch Spongebob and other annoying mindless shows that are on in the mornings (in our timezone) along with their 10 minutes of advertisements per 20 minutes of show.

I'm blogging so I don't have to start the laundry.

I'm just as excited for summer vacation as my kindergartner is. I HATE leaving my house every day.

My kids ate their breakfast cereal with forks. Plastic forks. I guess I'll get to the dishes right after the laundry.

2 Thoughts From Others:

Mrs Fish said...

Thanks for the laugh.

My confessions,
1. I am reading your blog so I don't have to mess with mine.
2. I paid Jameson $15 today to do the laundry.
3. I think i am going to crush melatonin and sprinkle it on my kids ice cream.JK:) It did cross my mind though!

Anonymous said...

Some of my confessions...

I let my kid watch way to much TV - thank you Sprout On Demand - so I can read blogs and think of witty comments on Facebook.

I keep meaning to do all these awesome crafts that I see online with my daughter - I've bought all of the supplies - but they are getting dusty in the closet.

I can't remember the last time I mopped the floors.

For two (three?) weeks now, I've only done laundry on an absolute as needed basis.

I told myself I'd only drink one cup of coffee a day but yesterday drank six.

I buy organic and try to cook from scratch but spent $11 on chocolate bars and potato chips at the gas station last night.

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