Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Why You Should Clean Out Your Bathroom Drawers Today

Today is the day. The day that you should clean out that drawer in your bathroom with all the "stuff" in it. I'm sure organized people with non-retarded builders have multiple drawers for all sorts of little things and keep them somewhat separated and purged. Not me. I have two big-momma drawers. One keeps curlers, curling irons, hair clippers and the hair dryer. The other keeps everything else you could possibly need in a bathroom.

I'm not going to pretend that it was every organized, but even if it had been it wouldn't have stayed that way long since it's at the perfect height for my 2,4, & 6 year olds to dig for treasures. When I need to find anything I just move stuff around until I finally spot the tiny nail clippers or earring back that I was looking for... 5 minutes later of course. The drawer was messy but it never really bothered me enough to do something about it. Until this morning.

So why should you go clean out your bathroom drawer NOW?
Because maybe you forgot to brush your daughter's hair before bed.
So maybe her hair has now has rodents living in the giant knot.
And maybe it really needs to be brushed.
And because maybe you'll be running late for school because maybe it's a day when school starts 90 minutes early.
And maybe you'll shove your hand into the drawer to feel around for a brush and not look because your two year old happens to be putting things in the toilet and your four year old is recreating the Mommy, Mom, Mama, Mom? scene from Family Guy.
And then maybe your hand will be instantly coated with mystery slime along with EVERY tiny earring, hair clip, elastic and comb that was in the giant drawer of crap.
And maybe since the drawer was so messy before you didn't notice that someone put an entire bottle of ass strawberry scented Princess body wash in the drawer.
All night.
And maybe your daughter got to school 10 minutes late.
With un-brushed hair.
And no hair clips or ties.
And then you got to spend over an hour wiping down every.single.thing that was in that drawer.
Because you never cleaned it out.

So that's why you should clean out your bathroom drawer today. Like NOW. Before this maybe happens to you.

2 Thoughts From Others:

Deanna said...

Nice. It's almost as if something similar has happened to me except my version contains more loose hairs and toothpaste and also sticky drawer bottoms.

Today I cleaned out the freezers in my kitchen and basement and took inventory of said contents. Trying to reduce/use the old inventory before restocking. But that's ALL I did, which leaves at least 7.5 hours of unproductiveness. Shhhhh.

McKenna said...

I know it's not nice to laugh, but I had to.
Well, maybe this will inspire you to clean more?? I keep thinking that finding all sorts of nasty will inspire me which it will for the time and I clean everything and then go back to my lazy self until the next nasty time.

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