Monday, January 18, 2010

My Favorite Things

Does anyone remember way back in the dark ages when I did "My Favorite Things" on Sundays? It was how I justified reading blogs for an hour every day... oh, except I still do that for no reason. Anyway, I stopped doing it when I started Handmade Holidays because I was running out of links but I'm ready to bring it back. Of course it's still me though, so in typical Mrs. Wright fashion I'm sure I won't post every Sunday (especially since it's already Monday), but hey, I'm kinda trying.

I've been dreaming about adding shelving like this closet redo at It's The Little Things That Make A House A Home. That 'after' makes my (selective) OCD feel so nice.

And a much less glamorous project, but still useful- a reusable swiffer pad from old towels! I'm planning on making two and using one wet and one dry.

I'm slightly obsessed with felt and have an entire cabinet plus a huge pile on top stuffed with felt so I'm really excited to try these felt monster softies for my own little monsters!

And while I'm checking out my felt idea folder I'll share the felt dolls and clothes that I'll never make.

Oh, and the felt vase I'll never make.

I'm going to use some of my dusty scrapbooking stash to make this paperclip matching activity to keep in my purse for those sanity busting moments.

And since I don't like leaving my house or being outside in the cold this indoor ice skating in your living room looks perfect for my kids and me!

Someday I'll follow this tutorial that shows you how to make adorable counting bean bags that my kids would probably throw at each other seeing who can make their sibling cry first.

Need more links? Check out all the past versions of "My Favorite Things" by clicking HERE!

I'll save some for next time since my list of things I'll never get around to making is getting kind of long ;) Back to the dishes and laundry... in a few minutes... I think.

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Anonymous said...

i love your crafty stuff you want to do-- i have so many supplies and PLANS to do so many cutesie things...and never get to them. i hate it.


Anonymous said...
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