Saturday, December 26, 2009

RIP Clean Kitchen

If you read this blog regularly you'll know that it's no secret that I can't keep my kitchen clean. I love when it's clean, but I just can't keep up with it. We've hosted 3 parties in the last 7 days and I've even kept it clean for each party and kept up with the mess. Tomorrow will be the 4th (and last) party and my kitchen and I are more than ready. I'm of course dreading it too since it means that my first born is 6 years old. I can't even believe it myself!

At least I'll be able to distract myself and focus on how freaking old I am now while I clean my kitchen. Again. I've been cleaning it almost like a normal person. I don't think it's at all a coincidence that I've been really tired and keep breaking my nails. I'm pretty sure cleaning the kitchen repeatedly is bad for your health. I'd better stop, you know, just to be safe...

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Has everyone else realized that Christmas is actually happening on Friday?? I was planning on being so prepared this year, of course, but I'm just pretending like I don't know that Christmas is coming and I still have 3 blankets to sew, a million presents to wrap, a giant Barbie house to assemble, plus figure out how to even up the presents since Boo got a little shorted this year. Oh yeah, and did I mention clean my house, take care of 3 crazy kids, 4 turtles with a filter that keeps clogging, plus a dog with an ear infection?? On top of all the regular household duties that I started this blog because I couldn't keep on top of them? Yeah... it sure is a lot easier to pretend it's still late November and just hang out on the internet and watch The Polar Express. And eat fudge.

My goals today (that I'll probably laugh at later):
Wrap everything that doesn't need to be assembled or charged
Empty/Load dishwasher
Wash all the big serving pieces that don't fit in dishwasher
Organize stocking stuff
Vacuum and mop
2 loads of laundry washed, dried, folded and put away

What's a few more things to be in denial over!?

Monday, December 21, 2009

Santa Ain't Coming To Town!

What is it about this time of year that makes kids go nuts!? You would think that since Santa is watching and Mommy reminds them of that fact every two minutes they would be on their best behavior. I'm ready to wrap my kids up in some paper and tape and stick them under the tree until Friday.

Little Man has always been cuddly, but today he decided that I was supposed to be holding him inside Target. And he let EVERYONE know it. HOLD ME!!! MAMA HOLD ME!!! HOOOOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Everyone was looking at me like I was the worst mom on the planet since all he wanted was to be held. First off, I'm not going to reward him for throwing a fit inside Target by giving him what he wants. Second, how the heck am I supposed to steer the giant aisle sized cart with two other whiny kids aboard while holding 40 pounds of cranky 4 year old!? Luckily my sister was there to help steer the S.S. Crankypants and direct me to the things on my list while I dragged my screaming son around beside me.

I pulled the Santa card. It was time. I let him know that if he didn't behave like a normal, non-crazed boy right this minute I was going to let Santa know ASAP and he could watch his sisters open presents on Christmas morning. Yep... he just cried harder. It made me so sad, but I can't give in and just give him whatever he wants whenever he screams loudly enough for it. It sucks to be Mommy sometimes.

We get back to the car and he's still wailing. Then my sister pulls out some gum. Silence. He chews some gum and acts like he didn't just spend the last 30 minutes screaming. Uhm, okay. I sure wish I would have figured that out 30 minutes ago.

All I can think of is that he is just overstimulated with all the parties and excitement of the week. I just can't wait for Christmas so I can see his face as he opens his presents, and then is busy playing with all his new stuff for those glorious 2 days before he's bored again.

I wish I could throw a screaming fit every time I was overstimulated. I'm sure going to be close after we host our 4th party in 8 days on the 27th (Sweetie Pie's 6th birthday!). I know in two weeks the holidays will all be a blur, but for now I'm taking it hour by hour. Right after I stock up on gum...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick Sucks

My kids are still not 100% better.
So they're cranky.
And fighting.
And not listening.
My house is trashed.
I can't get the laundry under control.
I have no plan for dinner.
I'm feeling under the weather myself.
I have to take Boo to the doctor and have NO energy.
I'm freaking out about my Christmas gifts not being done/what I want/here on time.
And now my hair is falling out like it did after I had my kids.

I've actually been making great progress on my house in general, but I feel like my getting sick is going to be the setback I've been dreading. For right now I just want to lock myself in my room, curl up with some Grey's Anatomy dvd's and pretend I can't hear the arguing. Sick just sucks.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

I'm really not feeling the Dirty Little Secrets post this week since I've been up to my ears in dirty stuff all week. My washing machine and I are going to be thrilled when this sickness is over. At least I found a use for all those dusty cleaning supplies... *sigh*.

I bought The Polar Express for my "kids" but I'm the one that wants to watch it all the time.

I forgot about the 6 cups of corn that didn't get eaten on Thanksgiving and it sat in my game room for almost a week. Then I dumped it outside so I wouldn't have to take the garbage out.

I put off the garbage so long that I had to sprint to the end of my long driveway with my can as the truck pulled up. At least I've already brought the can back in!

I went WAY overboard for Christmas after promising myself to keep gifts in check this year.

Mr. Wright told me I belonged on People of Walmart today and I agreed. I really need to wash some of my own stuff instead of constant puke washes.

I'm addicted to Hoarders and am now hoarding episodes of Hoarders.

I bawled at the end of Jon & Kate plus 8. I totally think they should stop the show, but I've been watching since the very beginning and it was sad.

I've had cookie cutters on my Christmas tree as kid safe ornament for the last 5 years, and it makes me a bit sad that I don't need to do that anymore.

What's your dirty little secret? Share in the comments!

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