Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Favorite Things!

Back by popular errr, no demand!  I just felt like it... okay!?

An adorable little Homemade Felt Pizza setup from Chris, Erin and Jayce!  Have I mentioned that I ♥ felt!?

A great post about getting motivated to organize from Steady Mom.  Not that I need any help in that department or anything.  Yeah... that was a joke.

There is NO way that I could keep up with this fantastic mini bolt fabric storage, but it makes my selective OCD tingle and that's always a good thing in my book!

I have a little tradition of picking out every holiday's shirts that I'm not going to end up making for my kids but that I think I will.  This reindeer applique shirt is the Christmas version of my seasonal failure.

This Bibbee dress from Innocentia looks a little detailed for my mediocre sewing skills, but it sure is adorable!  You could make them in all different colors or alternating colors for more than one little girl without being too matchy-matchy.

I'm also fooling myself into thinking that I'll make some of these handmade paper bows instead of slapping on a 5 cent squashed mismatched bow as we're running out the door... if I remember a bow at all!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Accomplishment... And Other Sicknesses

Yesterday I ran some errands in the morning and then decided to relax on the couch "for a minute or two".  I'm not sure what happened next but my kids were all laying down trying to catch up on some Z's and I had rented season 1 of Reba.  Please don't judge me, that's a good show!  Plus it was only disks 2 and 3...

Anyway, I meant to watch "an episode or two" before cleaning up my pig pen of a house and next thing I know it's 6pm, I finished the whole season, and my kids had trashed my house even more.  CRAP!  I felt so guilty that I had wasted the day so I cranked up the Taylor Swift, popped in a frozen pizza and got cleaning.  The first thing to go was the Halloween decorations.  Technically all I did was take them down and make a pile to put under my house, but progress is progress.  Little Man put all the shoes on the shelves and hung up all the winter gear so my entryway looked great!

I even went above and beyond and vacuumed the real spiderwebs that had accumulated above the fake spiderweb.  While I had the vacuum out I remembered that my ceiling fan really needed a dusting, so I vacuumed that too.  I was already standing on the counter, singing at the top of my lungs like an idiot, so I thought it would be a good time to suck up all that dust on top of my cabinets.  My house was coming along, and the kids and I had fun doing it!

The problem is that today I've been sitting on my butt since I actually did something yesterday.  I slept in and my kids had taken down a box of 8 Pop-Tarts before 8 am and left the wrappers and crumbs everywhere.  8 freaking Pop-Tarts for 3 little kids!  Sitting around would be okay if I had done dishes or laundry yesterday, but I didn't.  We have no clean towels, Little Man has been wearing Sweetie Pie's socks all weekend, and the kids are using my Grandma's breakable plates because we've used all the plastic.  Oh, and since I used the pizza yesterday I have no plan for dinner.

The goal for the rest of the day is to catch up a little so we at least have clean towels, socks and plates for tomorrow.  Bonus points for being able to see the kids' floors before bedtime ;)

Thursday, November 4, 2010


I woke up this morning with some motivation... I swear I did.  I got up, got in the shower, and started mentally planning my day.  Unfortunately my bubble was popped when 2 minutes into my shower a puking/crying child came running in.  Every time I'd get us both clean she would puke again.  Finally it slowed down and I was able to get us both out and dried off.  She continued to puke all morning virtually zapping any ounce of motivation that I had. 

I guess I WILL accomplish some laundry today, but she's going through it just as fast as I could wash it, so I wouldn't really count that as progress.  And I'm so stressed and emotional that I cried at the end of Toy Story 3.  Sorry for yet another dry downer post, but it seems like there's bad news around every corner.  Yep, one of those days weeks.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ok, So That Wasn't Good

That post I just poured my heart out in?  The one about me feeling weird about my FB friends reading my blog?  It just posted on Facebook.  Awkward!  I'm trying again, and hopefully now that I've changed my settings again, blocked Networked Blogs AND revoked the publishing rights it shouldn't show up anymore.  BUT since this is my life I'm sure it will post this blog too.  Then I'll feel really weird, shut down my computer, eat some chips and pretend this never happened.  Avoidance is, after all, the best medicine.  Deal?  Good.

The Not Much Up-Date

Soooo, I suck.  We've covered this before.  I have realized in the last few weeks that I want to post stuff on my blog but it was starting to bother me that everything I posted here would show up on my personal Facebook page.  It didn't used to bother me for some reason, but now it does.  I guess I just need to feel like when I bare my soul to the world it is mostly heard by people just like me.  People who understand and don't just judge.  I blog for the women who comment on my posts and say "I could have written that!" or "I feel that same way".  I tell my sad, sad stories about what I found under my couch (crayons, socks, unidentifiable crumbs) or how long it's been since I changed my kids sheets (months!) and people say "Me too!" or just don't say anything at all (thanks for that too :D )

I'll lose some readers, and they can always still find me, but it won't be so easy for some distant acquaintance (whom I only friended because we have 29847 friends in common even though we've hardly spoken) to read all about how much dirty laundry I have on my bathroom floor.  I believe that I've changed the setting correctly so that no longer happens, and now hopefully I'll feel more in the blogging spirit!

Whew, with that out of the way I can move on to my "not much update"! 

I didn't do dishes for 4 days.  Then I did, but they were so behind that I had to hand wash some and now I have a buttload of dishes to put away and haven't.  They're all over my counter just like when they were dirty.

I didn't do laundry for 6 days.  I started a load and then my washing machine stopped working.  And we had NO clean clothes... because I hadn't done laundry in 6 days.  I panicked and unplugged it, then plugged it back in.  Thank goodness that worked, but every few loads it stops in the middle of a cycle and I have to unplug and replug.  Pain in the butt, but better than buying a new washing maching.

I put up Halloween decorations.  BEFORE Halloween.  And they looked awesome.  But now I have to take them down and that's not so awesome. 

Oh!  And my friend Mrs. Awesome helped me cook a bunch of ground beef to make freezer meals with because she rocks!  But I don't really have any other ingredients to make meals so it's slim pickings tonight.

I've been horrible on the craft front, but realistic about how many "hand made" Christmas gifts I'll actually get done in time (none).  I usually spend so much on all the supplies for a gift that I can just buy something cheaper and save myself the stress of not getting it done and shopping last minute. 

So, that's what's up.  I suck, and I'm okay with it I guess.  After over 18 months writing this blog I think I've possibly gotten WORSE than I was before... which isn't good, but what can you do!?

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