Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Favorite Things!

Back by popular errr, no demand!  I just felt like it... okay!?

An adorable little Homemade Felt Pizza setup from Chris, Erin and Jayce!  Have I mentioned that I ♥ felt!?

A great post about getting motivated to organize from Steady Mom.  Not that I need any help in that department or anything.  Yeah... that was a joke.

There is NO way that I could keep up with this fantastic mini bolt fabric storage, but it makes my selective OCD tingle and that's always a good thing in my book!

I have a little tradition of picking out every holiday's shirts that I'm not going to end up making for my kids but that I think I will.  This reindeer applique shirt is the Christmas version of my seasonal failure.

This Bibbee dress from Innocentia looks a little detailed for my mediocre sewing skills, but it sure is adorable!  You could make them in all different colors or alternating colors for more than one little girl without being too matchy-matchy.

I'm also fooling myself into thinking that I'll make some of these handmade paper bows instead of slapping on a 5 cent squashed mismatched bow as we're running out the door... if I remember a bow at all!

Happy Holidays!

3 Thoughts From Others:

Pepple Family said...

Oh I have missed your favorite things!! I am in love with the reindeer shirt! And the felt pizza will be perfect to go along with Evy's bday. I see a trip to Joanns in my future! :)

Dewi Citra said...

Thank you sooo much for featuring my bibbee dress :)

Kim said...

I made some of those bows. Easy peasy!!

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