Monday, December 7, 2009

Sick Sucks

My kids are still not 100% better.
So they're cranky.
And fighting.
And not listening.
My house is trashed.
I can't get the laundry under control.
I have no plan for dinner.
I'm feeling under the weather myself.
I have to take Boo to the doctor and have NO energy.
I'm freaking out about my Christmas gifts not being done/what I want/here on time.
And now my hair is falling out like it did after I had my kids.

I've actually been making great progress on my house in general, but I feel like my getting sick is going to be the setback I've been dreading. For right now I just want to lock myself in my room, curl up with some Grey's Anatomy dvd's and pretend I can't hear the arguing. Sick just sucks.

3 Thoughts From Others:

shell said...

sick does suck! Just 15 minutes at a time...

Mrs Fish said...

I wish I could help!

Anonymous said...
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