Sunday, February 14, 2010

Why I'm A Cheap Date

I think from time to time all wives feel the need to junk punch their husband. Mine probably more than most, but he's always been that way and I love him. We decided many Valentine's Days ago that we're not "fancy dinner" people and we're not "romantic getaway" people and apparently HE decided that we're not gorgeous bouquets of flower people.

In the past our crazy Valentine's adventures have led us to such romantic destinations such as IHOP, Target and Home Depot. And don't forget Blockbuster. The truth is that we would MUCH rather stay home in our jammies, put the kids to bed and watch a movie (luckily I have 60 hours on my DVR :D) than spend our grocery money on overpriced shellfish and drop another $50 watching teenagers make out at the movie theater. And since we sit around together every night it's like every night is Valentine's... kinda. Unless he said something stupid. But that's beside the point...

The point is that when you have a great relationship to begin with you don't need smoke and mirrors to spice up Valentine's Day. Take us for example... normally I we watch romantic comedies so for some Valentine excitement we switch it up and get a thriller... see!? Cheap and gets you out of the same old rut! Of course I'm joking but it should be about what you do, it should be about who you're with. It seems that Valentine's day has become more of a show than reflecting the relationship between two people. I've never been one of those Anti-Valentine people but I think it's gotten a bit out of hand... and don't even get me started on gifts!

We were just discussing the year that he got me bacon for my birthday and how great it was. That's a pretty bold move for a guy because he was brave enough to buy me meat and call it a gift because he knew I'd love it. Mmmm, bacon. Oh, sorry... I'm not going to lie and say that I'd be perfectly okay with Mr. Wright not getting me a gift for Valentine's Day, but it's not about the cost for me. Like for my birthday this year he got me an electric blanket. It seems like a lame gift and I would even question a friend if her husband got that for her, but to me it was priceless. He knows that I hate getting into a cold bed, so we put it on the bed and it 'pre-heats' every night. THAT is the perfect gift... along with the man of my dreams and the father of my children sleeping next to me in my toasty bed. Happily ever after... until he needs to be junk punched again. :P

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Pepple Family said...

I totally agree! Chris and I didn't even do a date night this year. Although he did think tonight was the perfect night to invite his manager and co-worker over for a little meet and greet. 6 weeks after having a baby and my house is still a mess and I am still fat and leaky and I have nothing that fits that isn't elastic waist... So I can be a little disgruntled and pissy for V-day this year, right?! :)

Shell said...

Love your post - you always make me LOL.

I agree with you 100%. Our wedding anniversary is on the 12th so everyone always expects huge grand gestures during this time of year. Not the case. This year we did go out for supper (and it totally wasn't worth the $55 spent but what the heck, my MIL sent us some cash so she "paid") - our grand gestures this year seems to be sending each other a sweet message on our FB pages. Usually we don't comment on each other's spaces. That's it....and for this simple girl, that's all I needed.

Spending money on things I don't need to appease the expectations of others does nothing but stress me out.

Amanda said...

"Junk Punch"...That's great! I'll have to use that!

We decided not to get each other anything really. I made a small heart-shaped chocolate cake, and my friend gave us free hockey tickets and offered to watch our son. I think it's our first date in 11 months.

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