Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scout Shoutout!

I happen to know an awesome young man (I feel SO old for saying that, but he’s not a kid anymore!) named Jameson. He is the son of my Super Mom friend so it’s no wonder that he turned out so perfect. He’s trying to raise money to get to the Boy Scout Jamboree in Virginia this July, and trust me, he deserves to go! He needs $3000 to cover his airfare and all his expenses. He is selling sticker coupon cards to Subway, Papa Murphy’s, and Dairy Queen. If you get BOGO subs at Subway then you can justify getting a FREE Blizzard from DQ, right?! They are $10 each and have fantastic deals on them worth WAY more than $10!! If you’re local he can shovel the, uh… slush out of your driveway or bake you cookies. I’ve had the cookies and I’d pay $3000 for those alone. Mmmm, cookies!

You can purchase the coupon cards by emailing and/or donate directly through Paypal on his blog PLEASE help me is supporting this great ‘kid’ so he can have the experience of a lifetime!

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