Friday, February 19, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

My kids have been drinking out of plastic Miller Light cups that I keep rewashing from the Super Bowl party. I always dreamed of having 50 cups so we could get through a WHOLE DAY without me having to wash more cups!

I was being a rock star wife and washed all of Mr. Wright’s work clothes on his day off. Unfortunately I forgot to put them in the dryer and he had to wear weird clothes the next day.

I love getting a paycheck (no matter how tiny it is!) but I hate going to work. And I only work 7 hours a week.

I can’t wait until Summer when I don’t have to leave my house every day. Plus I can throw the kids outside to play without 30 minutes of snow gear application.

Checking the mail brings some serious excitement to my boring life. It’s like Christmas every day!

I have an Amazon addiction. I LOVE Amazon and check the daily deals every day even though I don’t need anything. I am pretty good about not buying stuff on there all the time, but if I get some windfall money I blow it on all the crap that I’ve had in my cart since the last time I had fun money.

I love to drink Koolaid. Probably more than my kids.

Sweetie Pie got invited to 2 birthday parties at the same time on Saturday. We don’t know either birthday girl very well so I think that’s an excuse to not go to either one.

We lost our surround sound remote and I’ve looked EVERYWHERE. I even ripped some fabric on the bottom of our couch thinking it was in there. It sucks having to get up to turn it up or down… what is this? The stone age?

I’m getting my laundry room sheetrocked on Monday and I haven’t even started swamping it out. I guess I know what I’m doing this weekend… besides skipping birthday parties.

My laundry room is FILLED with scrapbooking stuff and I haven’t done a scrapbook page in over a year.

I’ve eaten at least 50 gummy bears while typing this post.

Do you have any dirty laundry? Literal or metaphorical? Leave a comment and make the rest of us feel a whole lot better!

9 Thoughts From Others:

Melissa said...

My name is Melissa and I'm addicted to I don't look at the deals every day, but I love to browse the site, even when I don't need anything. My husband teases me because my Wish List is so many pages long!

I don't care for gummy bears, but I would do the same thing with jelly beans!

Pepple Family said...

mmmm now I want kool-aid and gummy bears! I do the same thing with Amazon too, glad I am not the only one! Although now that I order groceries there its all too easy to slip in a few smaller items and Chris never knows! Oh Amazon how I love you

McKenna said...

What kind of mail do you get?? My mail is not that interesting......
Make the kids use the same cups all day....... Less work as a mom!!
My secret is that I don't get up with Heidi in the morning..... she gets up @ 5am.... I prefer to sleep longer so she has to just be quiet in her room since it is next to James' and he sleeps until 7 or 8.

Mom 2 Dom and Gigi said...

Love your blog. You are so real!!!
I currently have about 6 loads of laundry to do so that we all have clean clothes for church and school. On the upside, my kitchen is clean.
Thanks for keeping it real and reminding all us SAHM's that we are not alone is our frustrations.

Mrs Fish said...

Your Amazon addiction has rubbed off on me. I can say I am not as far into my addiction as you....I've seen your cart:)

I drank a Rockstar this week but I wasn't a Rockstar of a wife. I was actually kinda lazy.

I ate oatmeal cookies while on the phone with Jeff telling him how he shouldn't cheat on our diet.

Kim said...

I soooo feel the same way about work. If only I were independently wealthy.

Natalie A. said...

Your post was fun to read with so many things to read about! I have alot of loads of wash to do! It never seems to get done!

Stop at my blog when you have a chance please!

Have a great week! Thanks!

Christina said...

LOL you had me rolling! Love the thing about amazon! And kool aid I drank so much as a kid that i can't stand it though I really wanna try the pineapple one!
Happy FMM

Mama Melissa said...

i love this post!! :) i need to come up with some of my own... and i know i have lots. lol


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