Friday, February 12, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

Now nobody freak out, but it's Friday and I'm actually getting off my butt (well, not technically) and sharing my dirty little secrets. I know, I know. Usually when my blog gets quiet it's because I'm way too busy cleaning and organizing to whine about my life. Unfortunately this time is just sheer laziness... plus it's WAY more productive to sit on Facebook for 3 hours a day. Just don't tell my husband!

Here they are, my dirty little secrets:

We decided that Mr. Wright and I would each get $100 as fun money from our tax return. I spent mine... three times.

Sweetie Pie learned how to whistle this week and while I am very proud I also wish she would never do it again for the rest of her life- or at least buy me some Excedrin.

I opened the van door at Sweetie Pie's school today to let her out and some Wendy's garbage jumped out as well. I pretended I didn't see it because I thought that was a better option than picking it up and chucking it back into my mom-mobile.

Even after the previous confession I still didn't clean up the garbage even though I sat in a parking lot waiting for 30 minutes for my sister.

I had a rough morning so I spent $30 on Etsy for patterns that I'll never make.

I still have paper plates and cups (clean at least!) from our Super Bowl party on my counter.

I spent 6 hours this week organizing the playroom and it's still not done. Plus once it is done there is NO WAY I'm letting those monsters destroy it.

Last spring I threw all our cleaners away (except for my beloved Windex) and bought all environmentally friendly green cleaners. Last month I got my sanity back and bleached the heck out of everything we own. I love me some bleach.

I have 60 HOURS of stuff on the DVR that I can't delete. I probably won't ever watch it, but I just can't delete it.

I got some razor burn on my leg last week and then used it as an excuse not to shave my legs. No wonder guys can shower so fast- not shaving knocked a good 5 minutes off my competitive time!

Someone dropped off a huge bag of tiny little crap toys for my kids and I hid them and made them buy the toys with their fake dollars they get for being good. It's a win-win in my book.

What's your dirty little secret!? Please share publicly or anonymously in the comments!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

I didn't buy enough milk the other day so I would have an excuse to go to the grocery store alone on Saturday night.

I let my daughter watch waaaayyyy more TV than I would ever admit to so I can fart around on the computer during the day.

Anonymous said...

now I'm on a roll....

I bought a 3(5?) pound bag of gummie worms and hid them in the laundry room so I wouldn't have to share with my family.

I sent my MIL a Valentine's Day pkg in a cereal box. Big deal right? Wait there's more....I threw out the cereal that was inside the box just so I could use that specific box even though there were other boxes in the recycle bin. The cereal is organic and my daughter hates it but I know how much it chaps my MIL that I insist on trying to feed my daughter exclusively organic foods (even if I don't...shhhh).

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