Sunday, February 21, 2010

What The!?

I was checking out Etsy yesterday looking to steal ideas for stuff I'll never make, and came upon these gems:

Have you ever really needed pants for your kid but all you can find is a men's shirt you don't need anymore? Whip up these sleeve pants (pants sleeves?)and problem solved!

Don't forget the family dog! Do you need something cozy for your pup that took entirely too long to make and makes your dog look like he's begging to get his butt kicked? You're in luck- Etsy has this for you:

Poor thing! I can see the screams for help in his eyes. Don't have a dog? Etsy psychos have something for the feline inclined too! I know I spend my Saturday nights dressing my animals up like other animals- what isn't hilariously fun about that!? Here's a 'cat hat' in the bear version:

Are bears too ordinary for you? Need a bit more spice in your and your cat's relationship? I think the monster (that looks like a frog) cat hat is more your style!

Poor little guys! I could spend hours on Etsy and just jump from one ridiculous item to another. At least it cuts down on the time I spend eating :P

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