Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WFMW: My Sanity Saver

Soooo... I don't really think it's any kind of secret that I'm not the most orderly person in the world. I have what I like to call "selective OCD" where the days of dishes in the sink don't bother me, but the pens and pencils in the drawer HAVE to be in their respective baskets. Anyway, I only have one child that has a life (aka 'leaves the house') and I work two days a week, but it quickly can spiral out of control if I'm not careful. Before my day went something like this:

7:00 am- why do you NEVER sleep in!?
8:00 am- why is there SO much oatmeal on the dog?
9:00 am- stop hitting your brother with that golf club, I don't care if he hit you with the Guitar Hero guitar first
10:00 am- school in 30 mins, start getting dressed!
10:15 am- snowpants, hat, gloves, homework, snack, boots, coat, brush your hair!!
10:20 am- GET IN THE CAR!!!
10:30 am- *shoves Sweetie Pie into school*
10:32 am- I wouldn't NEED a tardy pass for my kid if you didn't stop me at 10:30 and make me wait in line for a tardy pass
10:35 am- hang up your stuff and sit down! What? You were supposed to be here at 9 on Wednesdays!? And you don't have your show and tell!? Why didn't you tell me you needed 86 buttons, an empty peanut butter jar and a red sock for your project today!?!? AND you were cold lunch!?

Yeah, so not exactly in the running for 'most put together mom of the class'. Luckily a few weeks ago I stumbled upon this little baby:


and my life has been MUCH better since then. I printed it out, laminated it with a borrowed laminator, and stuck it to my fridge. Every Sunday I fill it out for the week with the MOST important info with a dry erase marker. It only holds important plans, hot or cold lunch reminders, school times and activities and that sort of thing. No birthdays, holidays or anything that isn't urgent at 8 am. It's SO nice to only have 5 school days to worry about in front of my face at one time. And that's why this awesome (FREE!) printable calendar works for me. Now, does anyone have 86 buttons, a peanut butter jar and a red sock I can borrow!?

3 Thoughts From Others:

Jess said...

I thought I was the least put together mom in class. I will def. be checking out the link and subscribing to your blog.

Amanda said...

That is a nice weekly calendar! Thanks!

Mrs Fish said...


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