Monday, October 25, 2010

Snail's Pace

The good news:
I cleaned my kitchen for 6 solid hours this weekend.  I took pictures on my phone but it's ALL the way across the room, soooo you won't be seeing them right now.

The bad news:
My selective OCD came out in FULL force so I only got a small section of the kitchen actually clean.  If someone stops by to inspect my baseboards or cereal cupboard I'm going to be in GOOD shape though... as long as they don't need to to fit their purse on my counter. 

You know that game at the fair or arcade where you drop coins into the machine and try to push a bunch off the other side!? 

Yeah, that was the worst description ever, but does anyone know what I'm talking about? 

Anyone!?  Helloooooooooo?

Ok, maybe it's just me- that's how I feel when I put something on my kitchen counter except I'm trying not to push the stuff off the other side.  It's very technical... ahem.

Oh, I also read three books this weekend.  It's hands down my best reading record ever.  And they weren't short little stories or anything either... ok, well, they weren't exactly Pride and Prejudice.  Two were Sophie Kinsella novels and one was a similar novel that was weird but sucked me in.  It was nice to float into the clouds with my books.  I'm not super sure what my kids were doing that whole time, but they're still breathing today so that's good news!  And I've decided that I just want to move into a Sophie Kinsella novel, just in case you were wondering.

Ok, back to earth- today I'm going to keep up with my dishes and do some laundry.  If I'm feeling super crazy then I'll plan out some Christmas presents so I can get started on my handmade gifts that I'll abandon in November.  Yeeeeep.  That's it. :D

2 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

Love the coin pusher analogy - too funny.

Mom 2 Dom and Gigi said...

The coin pusher. I wish my kids would get the fact that if you push stuff on side of the counter, something else will fall off the other side. Errr

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