Friday, March 12, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets!

Slow week since I've been too busy to cut corners... here's this week's Dirty Little Secrets:

I still have books from the school library from over a month ago.

Sweetie Pie really needs a bath.

I still haven't watched any of the 60 hours of stuff I have on the dvr.

I'm dreading school starting again. I've been enjoying Spring Break since I didn't have to get dressed and leave the house every day.

I spent our anniversary money on stuff for myself. Shhh.

I kept a TON of scrapbook supplies but don't know if I'll ever scrapbook again.

My entryway has looked like a hurricane came through for the last 3 weeks at least.

After organizing all my fabric I've decided that I have a problem with buying fabric with no purpose.

I have at least 10 loads of laundry to fold that I've been avoiding because it has sheets in it and I HATE folding sheets.

My kids hardly got any dollars for being good this week because I've been in a bad mood. To be fair, sometimes they are the reason that I've been in a bad mood.

I've been shutting the door to my bedroom when we have people over instead of just cleaning it up. Because that would make more laundry... that I wouldn't fold.

I have 15 books on my 'to be read' shelf that I NEVER get to.

I waxed my eyebrows yesterday and then walked around all day with fuzzies stuck to the sticky residue that got left behind. It rocked...

Do you have a dirty little secret to share? Leave it in the comments!

1 Thoughts From Others:

McKenna said...

I NEVER clean my room when people come over.. that is where all the extra crap is stored......I just shut the door and pray that if they have to use the bathroom they go downstairs!

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