Saturday, March 13, 2010

Random Sewing, Organizing, Moose Stuff


After weeks of cleaning, sorting, purging, organizing and stressing my game room is now spot.less. {See the before picture here} 10 more bags of donations were dropped off the other day, and 5 bags of garbage went to the dump this morning. I celebrating by slacking on cleaning anything else and SEWING instead. It's been months since I was able to sew on my sewing table- in fact, when I cleaned off the table I found HALLOWEEN projects on the bottom layer. Halloween, people. It's almost Easter.

Here's the laundry room already buried in 'to be folded' laundry. Notice my new ironing board "cover" that I hot glued on to match my folding table :P

Today I made this adorable ruffled camera strap but made it into a slipcover like I learned how to do here. I attempted my first slipcover way back when I didn't have a TON of fabric, so I used some Hello Kitty scraps just to try it. I ended up leaving it on for a really long time until I finally ditched it and had a naked strap again. And it's been naked. And cold. For a year. Until today.
Please don't look too closely as I don't really have my 'A-game' on...

I also wanted to share our little friend who is stalking us and preventing us from bringing the trash can in the ONE week I really want it. I've gone to get it THREE TIMES and had her there every time. Take note of the "Spring Break" weather we have going on... practically tropical.

I'm taking the weekend off and then starting bright and early Monday morning on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Maybe.

3 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

great job all around!

tiffany said...

WOW!!!! I love your crafty workspace. And the camera strap is adorable. Great job!

Pepple Family said...

I love your crafty space! And the strap is super cute! I keep debating about making one, was it easy?

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