Monday, March 1, 2010

Internet Junkie

At 11:45 pm on Saturday night I realized I was an internet junkie. My family had gone to bed long before, and I was hanging out by myself, in the dark, on a Saturday night. I wasn't really alone though, I had the world wide web at my fingertips. Unfortunately I was jumping back and forth between 4-5 sites to check for new updates... not exactly my idea of productive. I thought about how many times I had checked my e-mail Saturday alone, and it had to be over 20! Is that really necessary? Do I really need to constantly check for new junk mail? I had a problem.

I decided that Sunday needed to be an entirely computer free day. I panicked that I didn't update my Facebook status or anything to alert people used to getting an almost instant response from me that I'd be offline. I stayed strong and went to bed. I woke up on Sunday morning at 7am. My first instinct was to grab the laptop and get caught up, but I prevailed. I must have gone to grab the computer over 10 times over the day but each time I reminded myself of the other things I could be doing. I'm not going to pretend that it changed my life, but I got more cuddles, more dishes done, more snacks eaten (YES!), had dinner in the crockpot by noon, and even fit in a nap!

To my surprise when I logged on this morning the internet world had not collapsed with my absence. Facebook didn't shut down, my e-mails were all patiently waiting for me, and no celebrity gossip had gone down that I didn't know about. I did miss printing out Sweetie Pie's new lunch calendar so I had to wait until this morning to plan the week's lunches, but if that's the worst that happened then I guess this 'less internet' business isn't all that bad.

2 Thoughts From Others:

Low Expectations said...

Oh man! I am right there with you! I am doing good though, lately! I have given myself an hour and half total internet time on the weeknights and a little bit more time on the weekends but I feel more in control of it!
Good luck!

Mrs Fish said...

Next time I need pre warning!

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