Sunday, July 25, 2010

Picking Up The Pieces

It's been a week since Grandma passed. A long, sad, hard week. I'm trying to be cheerful and just fake it until I make it but I constantly want to cry. Today I did some laundry- something my family was excited to see. Plus I finally ventured out last night to get some much needed groceries. When I fed my kids a Cup O' Noodles for dinner I knew it was time. I'm slowly trying to get back into my "routine" with the help of cookies and reality tv.

I've been given the opportunity to go to the burial in Michigan which will be while Sweetie Pie starts the school year. It's hard to let go of that control freak part of myself, but Mr. Wright will do a great job filling in... right after I teach him how to do her hair. Little Man starts school a week later, so I'll be back in time for his first day of kindergarten at least.

Today I'm going to curl up, watch a movie in my jammies, and eat 10 days worth of groceries...

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had something more profound to say than hang in there, but that's all that seems to come to mind. I lost my Grandpa a year last May and while I still have days that I think of him and get teary eyed, as they all say, it does slowly get easier with time.

Although unfortunate that you will miss Sweetie Pie's start to the school year, it will be lovely to have a chance to participate in the celebration of your Grandma's life.

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