Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When You're Up, You're Up

My kids did chores today... and asked for more! In the past I have underestimated what my kids can really do, and I'm guilty of giving them something stupid to do just so they feel like they're helping. It's hard to give up control since I'm such a control freak (when I actually get around to doing said chores)but they loved to help!

Sweetie Pie (6 1/2) helped me by putting away the folded laundry, making all the kids' beds and putting a few things in the play room. Little Man (5) swept off the front porch, brought all the dirty laundry from the hampers to the laundry room, and helped in the playroom. Boo (3) put all the shoes in the entryway on shelves, helped me vacuum the stairs, and wandered around the playroom pretending to be picking up.

I paid them a fake dollar for each chore and Sweetie Pie was begging for extra chores. MY KID. Asking to do more CLEANING. It was miraculous!

After we had our chores done we went outside and I mowed the lawn. It's been really rainy here so it was nice to get it done and let the kids run around for a bit. I was even motivated enough to tackle a tiny portion of our backyard that has NEVER been mowed. Literally never. I don't think I've sweat that hard in years... it was like pushing a stubborn rhinoceros through a corn field, or at least what I think that would be like.

It will take at least 4 more 'sessions' to get it mowed (by then I'll have to start over!) but I'm looking forward to the day when we can move our million white trash kids' toys back there and class up the neighborhood a bit.

If I was like this every day then I would be SO happy. My house is clean, my kids are happy, they didn't watch cartoons until quiet time, we played a board game, got some yard work done and I'm even fitting some craft time in. I hope this doesn't fade like the millions times before...

Being motivated really Works For Me!!

4 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

We really are on the same wave length some days - I couldn't agree with you more about being motivated and wrote about it today!

I hope it sticks for me too - it's such a good feeling to look around at the end of the day and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Great job!! :)

JBigs said...

I wrote about chores with my kids today too for WFMW!

Great post!

Kimi Jo said...

Can you send me some of that motivation? We just played in the pool all day.
Oh, and I gave you another award, actually the same one as Brandie. Cuz you're awesome like that.

The Hunt Family said...

I still don't get it... HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET THEM TO HELP?

I need answers.

Lucky you! Can I borrow your kids?

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