Thursday, March 17, 2011

Finer Things Friday!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Amy's blog, The Finer Things In Life.  I seem to star every post she writes in my Google Reader.  Her posts always remind me to cherish the little things, which is one of my most important goals to become a better mom and person.  She started a link up where she shared the little things she cherished this week, and I thought it would be a good contrast to my Dirty Little Secrets posts.  A little good karma never hurt anyone, okay!?  Swing over to Amy's and link up if you want to count your blessings this week!

1. The Basics.  Obviously this has been a HUGE week for counting blessings since we've all see the devastation in Japan.  I couldn't imagine not knowing where my family was, having no home or basic necessities, or any real hope in the near future.  I am so glad that I have a home, food, and my family all near me!

2. My bed warmer.  It seems so stupid after #1, but I hate getting into a cold bed, and my electric mattress pad makes sure that never happens!

3. The look on my kids' faces when they learn something new, or are proud of themselves.  I wish I could can it and ration it out for the rest of my life.

4. My dump run.  It felt SO good to stuff my van with empty boxes, crap I'll never use, etc. and GET RID OF IT!  Who knew you could have so much fun for the $5 dump fee?  I felt so much better once it was out of my life.

5. Facebook.  I know, but seriously, I love that I can feel like I know a little about what's going on with my circle of friends even if we don't have time to personally call each other all the time.  Plus I can fit it into my life when it's good for me.

6. My new family room, and my husband who motivated me to get it done.  We finally swamped out our old "game room" and repainted to make it a nice room for everyone.  The kids love playing down there, I hopefully will have less of a mess in my living room, AND I gained a photo studio space out of the deal.  Mr. Wright got a happy wife and kids- what more could he ask for!?

7. That I'm a Stay At Home Mom.  I'd love to actually stay at home one of these days, but I'm am so blessed to be able to not work while my kids are young.  I love that we can actually spend quality time at home together while they're on Spring Break, instead of me needing to work during that time.

8. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.  I can't end this all sappy!  Peanut Butter Cups are like mommy fuel... or maybe like Mommy crack, I'm not sure which is more accurate.  All I know is whenever my kids get them they know to hand them over because they'll end up disappearing from their stash eventually anyway.  They're just dang good!  Mmmmm!

3 Thoughts From Others:

SmallWorld at Home said...

What a great list! I like how you summed up Facebook. So true!

Susan Evans said...

Great list! I agree 100%! (Especially about the bed warmer...)

Missy said...

Jillian - are you ever going to post again? I miss your blog!!!

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