Friday, November 20, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

The good news is that I've been super sidetracked this week so I have confessions from being such an idiot, but the bad news is that I've been so sidetracked that I forgot half of them. Here's what I remember of mine, and leave your own dirty little secrets in the comments!

I still have a few Halloween decorations up, and I'm not planning to take them down until I put the Christmas stuff up next week.

I totally forgot to bring Sweetie Pie to school early on Wednesday for her 'challenge' day. Then I tried to make up for it by bringing her to extra computer lab yesterday, but we were so late that we missed half of it.

I washed a load of dishes, but apparently didn't put any forks in there, so now we don't have any clean ones.

I did a little too much online shopping this week.

I've used up all my last minute dinners on my meal plan from just being lazy and now I have 10 days of meals left that need tons of preparation.

We have SO many toys that I'm embarrassed to even say. AND Christmas is coming, AND Sweetie Pie's birthday is right after Christmas. You can't even walk in my kids' rooms.

I have 2% of my Christmas gifts made/purchased. And I get sick every time I think about it.

My dog hasn't had a bath in 3 years. I leave her out in the rain a lot though. (That was a joke animal activists! Kinda... the porch is covered!)

What's your dirty little secret?

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