Monday, November 30, 2009


So... I was all exhausted from cleaning up puke, decorating the house for Christmas and doing endless puke laundry so I decided to take a break and catch some TV. Not a whole lot is on Sunday night, but I came across a show called Hoarders on A&E. I'd heard a bit about it a few months ago but never saw it at the time. Watching this show is the strangest thing because the filth that these people live in is unbearable to watch, yet I couldn't look away. Except when they found TWO cat skeletons in one woman's house. I had to look away because I was eating. Yes... I learned my lesson to not eat during that show. Maybe I should save some weekly calories for my Biggest Loser pig out anyway.

Back to the show- these people who obviously have mental health disorders just add garbage on top of garbage and literally walk over all their possessions to get where they need to be. It was odd to watch the show because although my house isn't a single percent as messy and cluttered as there's were it still struck a chord with me. On one hand it inspired me to clean off my cluttered countertops, but then the laziness kicked in and I decided that mine are practically shining compared to the hoarders' houses. And then the show ended and I could finish my Doritos. Damn Hoarders diet.

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Deanna said...

Oh, I saw that episode! I actually empathize with those people. I agree they are mentally ill and that the show exploits this. But I guess the practical help makes up for it. :) My basement is a nightmare, toys and outgrown kids clothes, craft projects, etc. But at least I think I would know if our dog died down there...

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