Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Handmade Holidays, Week Four (Men)

This is the week of my crafty linkin' series Handmade Holidays that I've been dreading... hand making something for a man that they'd halfway enjoy is about as easy as getting that smell out of my washing machine. I don't have a ton of ideas this week, so please leave comments if you have an idea for men, or just buy them a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader calendar and move on to hand making something for someone easier!

If you need to catch up:

Week One (Kids)

Week Two (Women and Teachers)

Week Three (Teenagers)

For Men:

Sew a laptop sleeve!

Personalize a tie with his initials!

Make golf club head covers from old sweaters!

What guy doesn't need a t-shirt with a fake tie on it!?

Uhhhhh, that's all I have. Guys are hard. That's why I usually just get Mr. Wright electronic gadgets. Happy Wednesday!!

Hand making instead of buying really works for me!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Rachel R. said...

Marshmallow guns/shooters were a hit for us.

Meghan said...

Food baskets with things you normally might not make like chocolate covered pretzels or beef jerky or spiced nuts.

You could also make "special" coupons for your husband for things he may want more often than he actually receives from car washes to massages to other adult fun. (If you do this, you will have to give him something tangible too, so he won't tell everyone what you gave him.)

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