Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween on Wright Time

Even though all the other bloggers are already churning out adorable Fall decorative ideas and pre-planning their Christmas tablescapes, I, of course, am just getting around to posting my Halloween pictures. And only because I have TWO people harassing me for them. If not I would have posted them sometime before Christmas... maybe.

Sweetie Pie, who at the last minute changed from Taylor Swift to "a weddin' girl with Taylor Swift makeup"


Little Man, who lost his inflatable Buzz Lightyear wings due to a tiny hole from last year and Mommy's limited lung capacity


Boo, who went as everyone's favorite breakfast meat (and her IRL nickname) Bacon. This whole costume cost about $.75 in felt!


A group shot right before the angry candy seeking monsters came out of my sweet, adorable children


Happy Hallowe, er, Happy Harvest Fall Time Almost Thanksgiving Time!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Karrie said...

I would like to invite you to join my recipe swap on Nov. 13 if you get a spare moment please swing by I would love for you to join!

tiffany said...

Really cute! :)

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