Friday, June 18, 2010

Dirty Little Secrets

My first dirty little secret is that I JUST realized it's Friday- whoops! Mr. Wright has his days off during the week so I never know what day it is during the summer.

I've gained 3 pounds this week from eating mass amounts of broccoli and rice... smothered in cheese... prepackaged... and swimming in sodium. What? They're REALLY good!

I filled up half of my new DVR with movies from Starz that I recorded just to watch over and over.

There are 10 loads of unfolded laundry on Mr. Wright's poker table. I should probably be folding them right now... hmmm, maybe later.

Our 50 inch plasma TV exploded this morning and I'm PRAYING that it wasn't all the dust all over it that did it in. And I'm scared that Mr. Wright is never going to be complete again without his baby.

I still don't have any desire to dust anything else as a precautionary measure.

We're spending the night at my parent's house in 2 hours and I haven't packed anything. And I can't pack because I haven't folded the laundry. And I haven't folded the laundry because I'm watching the movies on my DVR. See how I just spiral myself into laziness!?

What's your dirty little secret? I promise I won't tell!

8 Thoughts From Others:

Blommi said...

My dishes have all been clean all week. It's a frickn' miracle. I usually have a small mountain of dirty dishes on the drainboard. Don't tell anyone ;)

Happy Friendly Friday :)

swalsh said...

I ate 2 pounds of cookies in 2 days just to get them out of the house. Yes you read that right!

Jeana said...

Hi there. I'm visiting from New Friend Friday and I'm your newest follower on Google Friend Connect :)

It would be great if you could follow me back!

Crazy Coupon Mommy

Have a great weekend :)

shell said...

My husband wears a specific type of t-shirt under his uniform. The other day he asked me if I had clean t-shirts downstairs in the laundry room because there were none in his drawer.

Oops - I was so busy catching up with vacation laundry I had totally forgotten about the day to day laundry and had none.

I panicked and lied, telling him he was right, the clean shirts were still downstairs.

When he got in the shower, I quick grabbed one from the bin and shoved it in the dryer to "refresh".

If he noticed - he didn't say anything!

Shhhhhhhh - don't tell!

Brittney said...

lol i have a load of laundry in the dryer that has been there for 3 days!!

Mr Monkey said...

I'm a new follower of friendly Friday follow, please follow me back.
thanks, Mr Monkey

Heather said...


I found you thru the Social Parade. You have cracked me up, therefore, I will be following you. :)

My dirty little secret? Ummm, I guess you'll just have to find out. ;)

Anonymous said...

My secret? I can barely walk in my office anymore because there is so much crap on the floor.
The guest room bed is kneep deep in clean clothes that my hands refuse to fold.

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