Sunday, June 13, 2010

Paint Party

Ok, so I have another Dirty Little Secret... I hate paint. My poor kids rarely get to paint, and when they do we stick to watercolors. Even that takes DAYS to totally clean off every single surface that they touched. Sooooo.... I don't allow paint in the house. You know, because it's always spotless anyway! Uh, yeah. Moving on!

I saw this great idea at Little Hands, Big Work to put some paint in a sealed ziplock bag and 'draw' letters in it. I really wanted to try it, but due to my selective OCD I don't own any paint.

Luckily my mom and I has some free time to hit some yard sales on Saturday and while they were super disappointing in general I did come across this ONE thing- 6 big bottles of paint for a whole dollar.

They were so excited to see the paint, and even more excited when I started filling gallon bags with their favorite colors. I'm still me so I skipped the colored paper beneath it that she had on the blog, but they still thought it was really fun!

Little Man loves green, so he practiced his letters with the green bag.

Boo wanted blue and yellow and was more into feeling the paint squish between her hands than drawing letters.

And Sweetie Pie wanted to make purple, but took her time marbling the colors together slowly.

They played with them for 20-ish minutes this morning when we made them, but have picked them up and played for a few minutes at least 10 times already today. And the best part? NO clean up!!

5 Thoughts From Others:

Pepple Family said...

Sheer genius! Seriously the greatest idea ever! I HATE paint, I am so doing this.

beingzaraandzidan said...

great stuff. they sure seem to be having a great time,

Donda said...

My kids would look at me like I had two heads if I dare suggested putting the paint in tidy bags! It's a great idea but since they do get to paint "for real" alot I don't think they would be down. Too bad for me :(

The Hunt Family said...

i really need to try this! thanks

Crystal said...

I'm lovin this idea. Totally going to try it with my 4 year old. Dropping by from NTFFC's I'm your newest follower. Hope you can drop by and follow me back.
Love your blog name and the play on words. Very creative

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