Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My Own Medicine

I can't count how many times I've cleaned our playroom in the last month. At least 4- and not just 'quick pick ups'. We're talking HOURS long cleaning sessions with all three kids that include crying, frustration and throwing fits. The kids don't like them much either!

EVERY TIME I make the kids help so that they know how much work it is to clean up. EVERY TIME they promise me that this time they'll put their toys and games away before choosing another. EVERY TIME I believe them, and they don't come through.

This week I got fed up with it, stuck the three fighting, outdoor-starved kids in the playroom and shut the the door. When it was clean (cleaner) they could come out. They argued for the first three hours, then banded together to defeat me in the easiest way possible, without actually cleaning of course. What can I say... they are MY kids after all.

They sent Boo out since she's the baby. At just barely 3 she expressed the message (from her brother and sister) that they shouldn't have to clean their mess if I don't clean my mess. Damn, I knew that was going to catch up to me somehow! Fortunately she cited my messy bedroom instead of any other dreaded area. I calmly told her that I made that mess, so I will clean it. I won't clean HER mess in the playroom any longer.

Today I made good. I went down to the dungeon my bedroom and paced around confused about where to even start. I eventually decided to collect all the laundry since it's the biggest problem in there. I collected garbage, brought up dishes, kept the wash going, sorted clothes to donate, FINALLY put extra less used clothes in our new dressers, made the bed and vacuumed. It took me ALL morning, but I am SO glad that I did it. I never realized how much I avoided hanging out in there until it was clean again.

My bed was calling me to lie down with a good book and enjoy my work. Unfortunately I still had the three (arguing) amigos and a thrashed playroom to deal with. Every part of me wants to go in the playroom and just clean it myself. It would take an hour- tops. Then I won't have to stress about it anymore. But then they win. And I lose. And that sucks.

Do you think Maury Povich has a boot camp for unruly preschoolers who aren't smoking and drinking but could use a kick in the booty? Like a Bootcamp Lite? I'm SO checking into it...

4 Thoughts From Others:

Anonymous said...

What is it with these preschoolers and cleaning up? My daughter (3) has seemingly completely lost all ability to put blocks in a bucket or play food back in her kitchen. Not a hard job. Something she's done for a long time but suddenly - she's in lala land instead of picking up. Maybe it's the sunshine outside calling to her - I don't know.

I'm going to cross my fingers and hope it's just a phase (but really, I know better).

Good luck!

Penny @ said...

My kids won't clean either. Well... they will help me clean the living room if I threaten them, but they refuse to clean their own rooms... lol

LaVonne said...

Okay, this life sounds like what my life could be in a couple years :) I have such an independent strong willed 2 year old! I can't imagine more. Blessings to you, my blogging friend!

Happy 4th of July!

I am now following you from New Friend over at Trendy Treehouse. You can visit my blog at:

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my life, but I just admit I HATE CLEANING! I find too many other things I want to be doing. I just followed you, please follow me

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