Sunday, January 9, 2011

Merit For Moms! A Clean Slate

Finally, after who know HOW many 30 minutes sessions, I got my craft room clean!!  It's so inspiring to not only have a clean space, but to have unearthed all my cool stuff that I forgot I had.  I really want to craft all sorts of things, but I also just want to sit on my spinny chair and stare at the one uncluttered, organized, all MINE room in the house without messing it up.

Remember that craft table before?  The one that held all the crap that I had NO idea what to do with?


Well, here she is now!


And I didn't just shove any of it into the cabinets either!


Now I have a nice place to organize all my batting, interfacing, scraps and random 'not pretty enough to display' fabrics! (Notice my brand spankin' new Silhouette that doesn't work :(  I'm waiting for a reply from tech support.)


Fabric shelf pretty much looks the same


All my photography stuff tucked away waiting to utilize that blank wall at a moment's notice


I'm not used to having an organized closet, so I just couldn't bear to shut the curtains!


My little helper Georgia guarding the door from room trashing munchkins!


Are you sticking to your 30 minutes a day?  I'm thinking of moving on to my laundry room since it will probably provide me with MONTHS of 30 minute sessions :P

3 Thoughts From Others:

Mrs Fish said...

You are so awesome! I am so excited about the mini bolts of material!!

Amanda said...

great job!! looks awesome!

Ashley DeMazza said...

Ok as soon as it is not 100 degrees upstairs I am going to organize my stamping stuff. I really am!
Ashley DeMazza

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