Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merit For Moms- My Progress!

I've been moving my craft crap back into my old craft room and spending my 30 minutes of organizing in there mostly.  I don't have a before picture since it wasn't in this room before, but picture the dumpster behind a goodwill store and that's pretty close. 

I was proud of myself that I organized as I brought things into the room instead of my normal plan of dumping everything in a huge pile on the floor and sorting it out "later" with later never coming.  All the stuff left on the craft table are things that don't really have a home, but I still have some cabinet space left to fill, and I guess I could get rid of some stuff... if I really had to.




I was also proud that I ACTUALLY used an idea from 'My Favorite Things' by making the mini fabric bolts from foam core board.  I swear I don't live in as small of a town as people think, but I bought the last 2 pieces of foam board in existence and still need more to wrap the rest of my fabric.  Also, I've never been pissed that I owned so much felt until I had to unfold, smooth, refold, stuff and organize it to make it look cute.  Don't be holding your breath for any felt projects any time soon either since I'd rather buy new felt than unfold and refold those babies.

All my neglected scrapbooking supplies, clothing for repurposing, and other crafty stuff that isn't "cute" found a home in the closet.  I'm thrilled to report that the shelves were $90, and the foam board was $10, so I only spent $100 to transform my stuff from a pile of crap to a cute (and hopefully functional!) space.  I'm also hoping that having all my fabric out in the open will remind me to use it instead of buying new fabric for every single project that I think I'll "someday" finish.

How are you doing with your organizing??  Are you tackling a giant space or a different little space every day?

2 Thoughts From Others:

Amanda said...

wow looks awesome!!

Pepple Family said...

Great job! This week I cleaned off my craft table, cleaned out in the garage, unpacked a couple boxes, and cleaned in my laundry room. Tonight I am working on my blog, does that count as organizing?!?

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