Saturday, January 15, 2011

Merit For Moms!

I totally fell off the wagon this week- I really should have built in some "off" days!  No real excuse for why, but I just did.  I'm back on track today and spent over 2 hours cleaning my bedroom, so that kinda makes up for it I guess.  I was going to take pictures but the thought of literally showing all my dirty laundry on the blog was too much.  Sooo, you're just going to have to trust me ;)

I'm also doing tons of laundry since I unearthed lots of clothes that might be clean, so I rewashed everything just in case.  My kitchen has been staying halfway clean, and I've been keeping up with the dishes, so that's good news too!

We're headed out to a "bouncy" birthday party so I'm glad I got my organizing done for today since I may not be able to walk later!  How's your organizing going?

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