Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets... Slacker Saturday Edition

It's rare when my actual post becomes a dirty little secret, but today I have succeeded in doing just that. I was so lazy yesterday that I couldn't even sit my butt down on the couch and type up my dirty little secrets. I had very important things to do like finish off those cheetos and portion the powdered juice mix into baggies. Those kinds of things just can't wait you know!

Boo threw up about half an hour ago and I just threw her in the bath. She's still playing in there with little man.

I waited too late to start dinner yesterday, and we ended up eating when the kids normally go to bed.

2 of my kids are missing fitted sheets because I pulled them off, washed them, and have been avoiding putting them back on.

I did a load of laundry on Thursday because my parents were coming over and you couldn't see the floor in the bathroom.

My mom called to see if she could come over Thursday, and with 9 HOURS notice she asked if my house was in okay shape for company. (Not that she expects it to be clean for her, but she didn't want me to spend all day cleaning just for them to bring dinner over) My kitchen was actually clean from Mr. Wright's begging on Wednesday.

I've lost every pair of socks I own but one, so I just wear them over and over with Mr. Wright's tube socks substituting a few days a week. I should really buy some socks.

I'm sure normal people have 'dressy' pants, and 'casual' pants. I have levels of yoga and jammie pants. I have my 'fancy' yoga pants all the way through the pants spectrum to the 'trashy' black pants with the big hole in the thigh. The waist is too big and they like to jump ship when I'm least expecting it. If I'm feeling really fancy then I'll wear my 'dressy' yoga pants with a clean shirt. I know, don't be jealous. And do you think I could have squeezed one more 'quoted' word in there??

I should be doing a million other things right now (dishes, figuring out something for dinner, cleaning, laundry, one of the projects I want to do 'someday, etc) but I'm sitting on the couch listening to Spongebob and blogging away.

Leave your own dirty little secrets in the comments! I promise you'll feel better afterward!

I'm going to finish up my powdered drink baggies. Heaven forbid I have something more exciting to do on a Saturday...

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