Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A dog bone?!?

It's been a while since I participated in Org Junkie's Monthly Organizing Round Up, but since this month's theme was purses I thought it was about time I swamp out my 'mom bag'. Since I'm SO generous I thought I'd share exactly what I carry with me at all times. I'm sure you recognize a few from your own purses!

Side pocket:
2 turtles
1 dolphin
A target popcorn kernel
2 gum wrappers
A blade of grass
41 cents

Other side pocket:
Cell phone
Straw wrapper

Back flap/pocket:
Expired coupons
Old bill stub
Paper from Sweetie Pie's school
Fruit snack wrappers
2 foot long receipt from August
A name and phone number that I don't recognize
A McDonald's receipt
A single sock
2 coupons for pears
A McDonald's toy

Front pocket/flap:
Extra keys
2 pens (though I can NEVER find one in the bank line!)
IHOP coupons
Planner I don't use
Dog bone... how the heck did that get in there!?!?

Middle section:
York peppermint patty You never saw that...
Safety scissors
3 more pens
Mini playdoh
*ahem* Lady stuff...
7 pieces of unopened mail and bills... oops!
11 receipts
3 coupons
3 hair ties
2 fruit snack wrappers
78 cents

WHEW! I had high hopes for finding my winter jacket in there, but no go... I can't wait to take big mamma for a ride once I take all the garbage out. Since I'm Mrs. Wright I just did it the Wright way and made a whole new purse because my old was was too full to find anything. Sooo, I spent a week making a whole new purse, from scratch, because I was too lazy to empty the garbage out of my purse. That totally make sense... uh, nevermind.

So here is my 'mini purse' for when I just need my phone, keys and wallet. I made it from a few fat quarters I had and I love it, but have been longing for all my crap that I left in my big purse.

And here's my 'mothership' purse. My sister bought it for me because she thought it was sad that I was taking 15 pictures with my camera phone of it so I could make my own at home.

To see what everyone else is doing to organize their purses head on over to Org Junkie!
This post is also linked up to Works For Me Wednesday since not carrying around 12 pounds of garbage now Works For Me!!

6 Thoughts From Others:

Momma Jones said...

Being a mom is what broke me of the purse carryin' habit completely! I feel so free!!! For several years, the diaper bag became the purse, then once potty trained, the mom purse came to be. It ALWAYS had used tissues and Happy Meal Toys in it. I finally had had enough and went to one of those clutch wallet thingies. Well, long story slightly shorter, I now carry my ATM card and my license in my back pocket. That's IT! No room for junk anymore! I'm free...I'm free....I'm freeeeeeee!

Becky said...

Target popcorn kernal, expired coupons, fruit snack wrappers, foot long recipts, 41 cents....lady, you've been going through MY purse!!! LOL!

amywinterlover said...

I thought you were secretly sewing that purse for me for my birthday. I'm not trying to guilt you into anything but you have been promising me one for 2 months...

amywinterlover said...
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Fishbacks said...

I swear you were looking in my purse!

How the heck do you just make a pures??? I need more skills!

Anonymous said...

I keep torturing myself by making my own handbags too. Why do we do this! Buying this is so much easier. I love your little purse though. :)

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