Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sock It To Me

Ok, I originally typed up this post yesterday in preparation of "Works For Me Wednesday". Today I went to link up and her original post that everyone adds their links to was also about socks, with the same catchy title. What are the chances!? I thought about changing my title, but let's be honest, there aren't that many plays on words involving socks. I threw around such amazing post titles such as "Socks In Translation" which I decided didn't make sense, and "A Stinky Sock Problem" which didn't make sense AND was lame. You see my dilemma? So Sock It To Me it is...

I don't know if my kids are just weird, or if every parent has a problem with this, but my kids (especially Little Man) have a problem with leaving their socks and shoes on in the car. It seems like by the time I have the third kid buckled in the first is already barefoot. We get where we're going, put socks and shoes on, do our stuff, get back in the car, get home, put socks and shoes back on... it's an endless cycle of me putting shoes and socks on over and over and over. Since I'm lazy and usually hauling things that approximate weight of a small elephant up two flights of stairs to my kitchen I usually skip the whole "putting the socks back on" routine. So.... they sit in my car. Until they fall out in the school parking lot of course. Nothing makes people think you live in your minivan more than having a load of laundry fall out when you open the door.

Anyway, the kids never have socks because they're always in the car, by the trampoline, at friends' houses, the produce section at our favorite store, etc. So I buy a lot of socks. Nothing drives me crazy more than to have 18 clean socks that all belong to one kid, but none of them match. So I came up with a system. Every few months, around the point where Boo is wearing my socks to town due to her own lack of socks, I buy new socks for everyone. I take any remaining sock pairs from the last 'batch' and put them into a special basket in the laundry room.

All the new socks go in the kids' rooms with all their other clothes, so I only have one kind of sock per kid to match. Then, on those inevitable days when we're running 20 minutes late somewhere that would notice if my son wore mismatched mermaid socks I'll have a secret stash of matched socks. I know, I'm a sock genius. That's why my sock 'method' Works For Me!

Right at this point when you're wondering why you just wasted all that time reading the world's most boring post on socks, remind yourself that this is the most interesting thing that I had to blog about today. How sad is that? Come visit again to see what kind of exhilarating post I can come up with for sponges*! Oh just you wait!!

*I hope as much as you do that this was a joke ;)

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Bridget said...

Wait....socks are supposed to actually match?

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