Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jammies Gone Wrong

Yesterday I actually accomplished something! Shocking, I know... Little Man has a tiny obsession with his jammies and I have a crystal clear NO idea where he gets it from. He is 4 years old, so I stuff his little self into 4t pajamas even though he really needs 5t- I'm mean like that. His feet are so big that they don't fit into the foot of the footie jammies, but he loves them so much that he continues to wear them. I haven't been able to find 5t footie jammies for him, and I'm WAY too scared to make some, so I thought I'd try my hand at some cozy (and much easier to make!) jammie pants.

We went to Joann's and I gently guided him to 3 different fabrics that weren't too bad since for some reason he was automatically drawn to the fabric that would even make my Grandma hurl and watched him beam with excitement as the woman at the cutting table handed over his treasure. We got them home and I measured around a pair of jammie pants that fit him now, plus seam allowance. OF COURSE, since it's me, I didn't buy enough of any of the fabric so I just abandoned the project.

After a few more days of him sleeping in his underwear due to lack of cool jammies I tried again. I had some Toy Story fabric from a while ago so I cut around the jammies that fit him once more, and whipped up some jammie pants for him. I also made some progress on some jammie shorts with the original fabric that he had picked out while I was on a rare streak of productivity. Don't tell anyone- I have a reputation to uphold! The pants were finished and adorable... then he tried them on.

Apparently I was too busy being SO excited that I actually finished a project that I never had him try them on. I forgot that the pants that I measured from were really tight at the ankles and made from stretchy fabric. My fabric was far from stretchy, and now my poor boy has the first ever Preschooler Skinny PJ's. They're all the rage in Europe I hear... I'd love to share a picture but my Little Man is snoozing away in them blissfully unaware that he looks like a miniature version of a trendy emo teenager that loves bright Toy Story prints. I should really finish up those shorts I guess... *sigh*

Once I get the three pairs of shorts done I'll have gotten 4 pairs of jammie bottoms (all he usually wears anyway) for less than $12. Even though it's a bit of a pain making instead of buying really does work for me!

2 Thoughts From Others:

Louisiana Laura said...

like this... :) Thanks for sharing

Melissa said...

LOL! Great idea, and I love the way you told the story!

We quit buying PJs and my DS started wearing thermal undies to bed in the wintertime.

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