Friday, September 4, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

I no longer want to run a certain person over with my smelly van since she was fired from her job. That's good enough I guess since she was fired for her incompetency to do her job.

I miss Sweetie Pie more every day. I'm okay with her being at school (finally!) but I still feel lost without my three little ducklings.

I really need to do laundry since I'm running low on jammie pants. (NOOOOOOOOO!)

I have a ton on my mind and I just can't blog it out. It's getting frustrating to sit at the computer with a blank stare all the time.

I have a few Christmas gifts planned but no plan for dinner in 2 hours.

I set the alarm on my phone so that I don't forget my daughter at the bus stop... even though I check the clock every 5 minutes to see if it's time yet.

Sorry for the lame 'secrets'... I've been too busy this week to get into much trouble ;)
Show me up in the comments with YOUR dirty little secret!!

3 Thoughts From Others:

k said...

That load of laundry we talked about earlier? Still on my bed. Never got rewashed. However, I did do a couple other loads (and put them away. Mostly jammies!)

linnea said...

my dirty little secret of the day is that I know there are a ton of my daughers' pants in some drawer or bin in the garage. Since I couldn't find them I just bought more. Hey, Target had a great sale! ;)

Anonymous said...

My mother in law is in the hospital for a minor surgery and I went grocery shopping at her house:) She has enough food storage to last her 25 years and she can't possibly live that long. :)

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