Thursday, October 1, 2009

My 5 year old is going gray!

I've been getting the urge to paint recently, but my financial situation has put it on the back burner. That's probably why I cruise a million redecorating blogs- I'm living through their fancy paint affording lives. My sister-in-law happened to be giving away a few gallons of gray paint (which happens to be the color I'm currently obsessed with painting everything!) so Mr. Wright and I scooped them up.

He really wanted to repaint our bathroom, and I... didn't. All the tiny crap you have to paint around... cabinets, toilets, tile, fixtures. No thanks. I did manage to get off my butt long enough to get the kids ready for bed while he was painting though, and I sent them down to the bathroom to say goodnight. 2 kids successfully returned to bed, but Sweetie Pie didn't quite make it. Apparently she bumped the paint tray and then backed into a wet wall, somehow covering her feet, front, back and her hair all with gray paint.

She was freaking out since her beloved princess bathrobe was now sporting gray leopard print (as any fashion conscious person would). I was trying to calm her down and was making progress until she asked about her hair. I didn't want to lie since she's old enough to call me on it, so I told her that there may be a ton tiny bit in her hair but that it wasn't the end of the world. It's not like it's picture day tomorr... oh crap. So, I guess it is picture day tomorrow.

I spent the next hour combing the grandma out of her hair while she whimpered. I was hoping since she is so blond the gray would blend in a bit but it didn't really. Just in case I didn't get it all I made sure to put her hair in a bun for the pictures today. Nothing like being the only kindergartner going gray...

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