Monday, October 12, 2009


So I've been a bit MIA this week due to the dreaded flu sweeping through my house, and then I was gone all weekend partying in my PJ's for Canadian Thanksgiving. I thought we were getting back to normal but alas, the flu isn't done with us yet. Little Man served his 8 day sentence with the sickness, and now it's Sweetie Pie's turn. This SUCKS. The good news is since she doesn't have to go to school today I get to stay in my jammies all day!

Despite the sickies we did manage to have a fun weekend at my parents house stuffing our faces with turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and corn casserole. I missed posting my Dirty Little Secrets on Friday and headed up to my parent's house early to get a jump start on reading all the new People magazines before the family showed up. Oh, and doing a few chores my mom needed help with too... I kept telling myself I would log onto her dial up and type my secrets, but it just didn't happen. Then on Saturday the kids played the wii and ran around crazy while I had my third second helping. I thought I would skip the DLS and just do my favorite things then for Sunday and didn't get around to that either. And then yesterday I said I'd do it when I got home, and obviously didn't do that either. So this is me telling you that once again, I'm lazy, and I'll just be skipping those this week. Don't cry, they'll just be double-y juicy next week... maybe.

Today my mission is to fold the 8 loads of laundry that I washed, dried and abandoned. I was going to throw it all on my bed to fold, but that would require making my bed, so I just decided to do something else.

Today I WILL:
Make my bed
Fold and put away the laundry
Clean off the craft table
Empty the dishwasher
Make something that doesn't suck for dinner

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