Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Yesterday was the first day in a while that I got to hang out in my jammies all day and get things done around the house. I actually almost finished my whole list of things I wanted to get done! Almost finished because I didn't quite have the motivation to get those dishes done.

I did get my bed made, covered it with tons of laundry, washed more laundry, then folded and put away pretty much every piece of clothing we own. I actually ran out of things to wash which only happens a few times a decade year. I also got my craft table totally cleaned off and even sorted all my new craft stuff from my sister. For some reason I was just really motivated yesterday. It must have been the pajamas. One could say I had 'pajamavation'.

Sweetie Pie is home sick again today, which I think is the key to a productive day. On a usual morning I'm so focused on getting her off to school that by the time I get her there at 11 the rest of the day is just downhill, but when she's sick I can take off running. I've been up for less than 90 minutes and already have 3 kids fed, breakfast cleaned up, all the dishes from yesterday washed and loaded into the dishwasher and my bed made. It may not seem like much but that's more than I do all day on some days!

Today I will:
Move the old surround sound system downstairs and try to get it to work
Get the rest of the craft stuff out of the van, sort it, and put it all away where it goes
Boil chicken breasts for the freezer or dinner
Run my errands
Do something crafty

Maybe I'll actually finish a list today!

1 Thoughts From Others:

Nicolasa said...

aaah I seem to work better on house stuff when I am in my pjs too!

It also feels so good to get things crossed off the to-do list. GL with your list today!

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