Friday, October 2, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets!

Boo and Little Man both wore footie jammies to drop off Sweetie Pie at school. Usually I walk her inside but since Little Man may possibly have swine flu I thought it would be the perfect time to be lazy.

I don't 'like' when Little Man is sick, but he sure is easier to be around. He moves a bit slower and it gives him more time to think over his decisions.

Every surface in my kitchen is sticky, and I have no idea why. I didn't clean it up yet either.

I forgot that Sweetie Pie wanted cold lunch today and I forgot to make it. On the way to school I had to break the news that she was going to be eating tuna salad on a bun today. She was thrilled.

I did Sweetie Pie's hair for school on Monday and she wore it like that on Tuesday and Wednesday. I just kept tucking in the fly-aways every day. I'm a good mom so I gave her a bath and a new hairstyle (albeit gray hairstyle) for picture day. We're classy like that.

I wish I could hit the mute button and never hear my dog bark again. She's sweet, but LOUD!

What's your dirty little secret?

3 Thoughts From Others:

Stay@homemommy said...

I love your dirty little secrets. I hope your Little Man feels better soon, I know my kids are a bit more clingy when they are sick so I don't usually get much done.

amywinterlover said...

Not just any tuna on a bun - CREAMY tuna on a bun!!! I heard that it was surprisingly good.

Fishbacks said...

I thought about not giving my kids fever reducing meds so I could enjoy the last two hours of conference. They are so cuddly and quite when they have fevers!

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