Friday, October 30, 2009

Dirty Little Secrets

Here's my dirty little secrets... Be sure to leave your own dirty little secrets in the comments section. It will make you feel better AND it's cheaper than therapy!

I've hardly decorated for Halloween at all, mostly because I was too scared to go under the house and get the decorations until yesterday.

Earlier this week we used dishes out of the dishwasher all day... then I realized I never ran them the night before. I didn't tell anyone- shh!

I'm embarrassed to open my van door at Sweetie Pie's school because garbage falls out, but not embarrassed enough to clean it out.

I still haven't started on my MILLION handmade Christmas gifts even though I was determined to start on time this year.

I'm addicted to putting things I don't need in my amazon cart just for the high.

I wake up every morning and wish I had my hair from high school. It was stick straight and shiny even though I never blow dried it or used product. Now I look like Carrot Top if I don't slather it in crap and blow dry it for 15 minutes.

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