Sunday, October 25, 2009

My Unfavorite Things.

I woke up this morning ALL motivated to do My Favorite Things and took my weekly stroll through my blog reader to see what I wanted to share this week. Unfortunately my desktop (the only working computer we have left) was really full and it asked me to delete some 'unused' files. I okayed it and didn't think twice... until I went to use the calculator function. Deleted. When I went to copy and paste the links into Blogger I was unable to. Apparently I can copy to my heart's content, but if I want to actually paste it anywhere I run into trouble.

Mr. Wright took me laptop browsing on Friday and I fell in LOVE with a tiny purple netbook at a price that doesn't make me choke on my cookies. Too bad we have those darn bills to pay first. Until I get a new laptop I'll just have to focus on my favorite things that I already have.

I got a new sewing machine last weekend! It's gorgeous and even though it took a bit of getting used to (it's a Brother and I've only ever had a Singer) I'm LOVING it! I also got a random call from my mom yesterday while I was late for a Halloween party and dressed like a slutty witch and sewing on my new machine to finish 'Taylor Swift's' felt guitar. Have you ever tried sewing in stilettos? I don't recommend it.

Anyway, my mom called to see if I would take the GORGEOUS armoire sitting in her garage out of her way! Duh! If it would fit in my van with all the carseats and garbage I would have stolen it years ago! Whoo hoo for free furniture that makes all my other furniture look crappy! I can't wait to get her home and fill her with stuff. And cookies of course.

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